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Transitioning to Software Development

One of Unbounce’s core values is courage. We want this value to be manifested across the board, including in how our teams evolve. Very often, companies are stuck in an organizational status quo for fear of what could happen if people would start moving between teams or, even scarier, between roles. But not us! We’re convinced that if you’re awesome in one place, there’s a great chance you’ll be awesome Read More...

Publishing assets: Sequential vs Parallel

A few days ago, we quietly deployed a change that nearly doubled publishing speed for the vast majority of Unbounce pages. Our publishing process involves two main steps: Render the page, and publish it to S3 Find all the assets referenced by the page, and publish them to S3 (where they are served by Cloudfront) The second step can only be done after the first step is done, because it Read More...

What The Page Builder Team Learned From Our First Fire Drill

We’ve started running “product fire drills” at Unbounce to help us react better as a team when things go wrong (as they do from time to time when you build products). On July 7th, we held our first such┬ádrill and, thought it would be a great idea to share our experience and learning points. First, I’d like to go over how we planned to set this up. After each sprint Read More...

Our curvy road to Clojure

The Clojure language is spreading like wildfire at Unbounce. We just had three people attending Clojure West and being indoctrinated with the latest and greatest news about this language and its ecosystem. So we’re very serious about it! But this commitment didn’t happen overnight: it took us a while and some experiments (at times painful) to come to the conclusion that Clojure was the right tool for us.