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iPhone iOS 9 Redirect Caching Bug?

Recently, while I was investigating reports from a customer of 404 errors from our site, I found what I believe is an iOS 9.0 – 9.0.2 bug that I haven’t seen any reports of elsewhere.  Given this, I thought I’d share a bit of a write-up about what I found.

Publishing assets: Sequential vs Parallel

A few days ago, we quietly deployed a change that nearly doubled publishing speed for the vast majority of Unbounce pages. Our publishing process involves two main steps: Render the page, and publish it to S3 Find all the assets referenced by the page, and publish them to S3 (where they are served by Cloudfront) The second step can only be done after the first step is done, because it Read More...

True Zero Downtime HAProxy Reloads: An Alternative Approach

Recently, this blog post circulated around the tech Twittersphere: It’s an excellent write-up from Yelp about how to get truly zero downtime from HAProxy, which I recommend reading.  It’ll work for a lot of scenarios, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work for the one we experience at Unbounce.

Spam, egg, Spam, Spam, bacon and Spam

Nobody likes spam. Except the people that send it, I suppose. But I don’t like spam, and you probably don’t like spam. Any website that allows users to submit data is going to have to deal with spam at some point. Unbounce and our customers are no exception.