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Unbounce Technology Radar (February 2015)

At Unbounce, we rely on a wide range of technologies to make the magic you enjoy every day happen. It turns out we’re also very fond of transparency. So we’ve decided to publish our very own “technology radar”.Unbounce Technology RadarThis radar, built after the one Thoughtworks famously publishes regularly, is a visualization of our technology stack. It is currently organized in four main sections:

  • Cloud – services and practices related to cloud computing.
  • Development – platforms, libraries and frameworks our software engineers use.
  • Operations – tools and services related to deploying, configuring and monitoring our applications.
  • Data – platforms and services we use to store, retrieve and analyse data.

Items (aka “radar bleeps”) in each section are sorted based on their usage:

  • Considering – our eyes are on it, we may or may not be actively evaluating it.
  • Adopting – not used in production yet but it’s coming.
  • Using – in production, stable.
  • Retiring – actively working on decommissioning the technology.

We plan to update our radar regularly so you’ll be able to have an idea of where we come from and where we’re headed just by looking at the bleeps on the different quadrants. So without further ado, click here to discover our very first Unbounce Technology Radar!

David Dossot
Director of Software