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We’re Hittin’ the Road: Introducing The Unbounce Conversion Road Trip


Suitcases – check.
Passports – check.
One super excited Unbounce Team – double check!

Why are we so excited? And why you should be too!

Fun Fact #1: the Call To Action conference in September was amazing.

Fun Fact #2: it was so well received we’ve decided to go on a road trip to bring you 4 awesome mini conversion conferences!

Cue: The Unbounce Conversion Road Trip

From June 1st to the 8th we’re going to roll through New York, Toronto, Chicago and Boston. And we are bringing the top conversion marketers to your city for one day only.

You’ll make valuable connections and learn the latest in conversion marketing.

4 cities, 20+ speakers, 800 marketers and YOU.

What is the Conversion Road Trip?

We’ll be talking shop about landing page campaigns, design, copywriting, conversion rate optimization, PPC, A/B testing & more.

At Unbounce we aim to bring you the best content from the most knowledgeable speakers in the industry. The Conversion Road Trip is an extension of the amazing content you see in our blog, podcasts, webinars and Call To Action Conference Presentations. You’ll want to put everything you learned into practice toute de suite. We are laser-focused on delivering outstanding, actionable content that is also entertaining and unique. It is a one-track schedule and we’ll be mixing up the style of presentations to keep you engaged.

Who’s it for?

Digital Marketers who want to learn about conversion marketing and how to improve their marketing campaigns. You may represent some of the top brands and agencies or maybe you work for a smaller startups, but you all have a common goal: to create awesome online marketing campaigns that deliver a targeted, relevant experience to your visitors.

What’s in it for you?

  • Invaluable learning & takeaways from the most knowledgeable speakers in the industry, who know their stuff.
  • The opportunity to meet new people, make friends and connect with other passionate & smart marketers, both during the conference and at the killer after parties.
  • Coffee and snacks. We’ll be sure to keep you well hydrated and your stomachs happy.

All this for a very very low price of $149.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Only $149. Which is insane, really. Similar conferences of this calibre are $500 plus. Then again, most of them are in the game to make money. Our goal? We want to bring you an amazing, high-calibre event for 1/3 of the price. So grab your Early Bird tickets now before they double in price.


Some details from behind the scenes

We went from 10 cities to 4… how did that happen?

Confession time, we started off aiming for 10 cities with 200 people per event. That would have meant 2000 attendees, in 10 cities all within 20 days! We were super pumped and 100% committed (heck, we even had all the cities and venues picked out) but then the realization of trying to plan a 10 stop mini-conference series along with CTA Conference 2015 between two people became a reality. WHAM! So we re-evaluated and decided to scale it back (at least for the first year) so we could focus on producing the highest quality events for you, without spreading our resources too thin.

June can’t come fast enough!

We’ll be working our asses off for the next few months to make this road trip epic and cannot wait to see you! If you have any questions about the events please shoot us an email at

Kyrie Melnyck
Events Coordinator

P.S. We aren’t done selecting speakers for our lineup. If you’re an exceptional public speaker who can talk about conversion we’d love to hear from you, email us at