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Last Month in Customer Success: 86 Support NPS, 4-hr Reply Time, 2,284 Tickets Solved

The Vancouver Team taking a break from support for Pirate Pak Day

About this postEvery month, our Customer Success Team reports on team happenings, support stats, feature requests and customer feedback. The goal is to help our team understand our customers’ pain-points and successes. Ultimately, this post is about giving our customers a voice inside Unbounce. We share these posts so other companies can see how we do things, maybe steal what works, and (hopefully!) tell us what they do better.

What’s New?

  • Welcome Michaela and Jonas!

Numbers and Shout-outs:

Chats - July 2015

Calls - July 2015

Welcome Michaela and Jonas!

In July, we welcomed two new members to the Customer Success Team.

Michaela joined us on the Support team, most recently working at Gastown’s Concerto Marketing Group, where she guided clients from proposal to presentation as a research associate. She’s already made a huge impact on Support, so if you’ve reached out to us during the latter half of July, there’s a chance that she’s already helped you get the most out of your marketing.


Jonas joins the team as the Director of Customer Support and Engagement, teaming up with Ryan for a one-two leadership punch. He comes to us from Vision Critical where he headed up their Member Support Team and previously helped Hootsuite grow their CS team across multiple locations and time zones as the Senior Manager of Customer Support.

Welcome to Unbounce!

Who’s Looking for Help?

What do Customers Need Help With?

Billing Issues 18.7%

  • +1.4% compared to last month

Page Builder Issues 26.1%

  • +0.3% compared to last month

Custom Domain Issues 11%

  • 0% change compared to last month

Feature Requests

Most Requested Features

  • Improved Forms (under consideration)
  • Improved Reporting (gathering requirements)
  • Existing Feature Request Improvement (improving the mobile layout process is the largest segment in this group)
  • Improved Spam Filtering (under consideration)

Customer Feedback

I can’t say enough about Alex, especially, as someone who has gone above and beyond to help, advise and guide me. My interaction with other team members has always been positive but I can’t help but regard Alex as a friend and mentor. He goes way beyond a 10+ to help and in a clear and detailed manner.

Every interaction I’ve ever had with anyone at Unbounce is great, and your tool is honestly the reason I even have my job. Thank you for all the hard work you do!

Questions or comments? Don’t be shy and post all your thoughts below, we’d love to hear and learn from you!

Quinn Omori
Unbounce Customer Support Manager