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Cats Delivered from Indonesia: Product Designer, Vivi is back!

One of the many awesome perks of working at Unbounce is that all employees get 4 weeks vacation and a $1000 vacation bonus. We are firm believers in the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality. Our beloved product designer Vivi recently took full advantage of this and has just returned from a pretty epic trip to Indonesia and Singapore.

Vivi reppin' Unbounce on the beaches of Bali

Vivi reppin’ Unbounce on the beaches of Bali

Her favourite moment of the trip? “When I saw the Kecak Dance performance in Uluwatu temple, Bali, where I got to see the performance as the sun went down. Bali is a pretty mythical and magical place, I remember it was about to rain, but right before the performance the priest put out some prayer and suddenly all the dark clouds went away.. which gave me goosebumps.”

The memorable Kecak dance performance.

The memorable Kecak dance performance.

Today is her first day back and when we all got into the office, we found out we got ‘kitty bombed’. She had come in over the weekend and put two adorable mini painted cats from Bali on each of our desks.

Vivi's cats

In Bali, cats are a symbol of holiness and good luck. So our team is now all set for 2014! Thanks Vivi, you rock :)