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Say Hello to our new Director of Engineering, Geoff Webb

Geoff says hi back!

Unbounce’s development team has been led by our fearless leader Carl Schmidt since day one. As CTO he has steered product decisions, worked tirelessly on expanding our infrastructure and been hands on with hiring new team members. Now in our 4th year, it is time for him to pass the torch of some of his operational role to our newest Unbouncer and Director of Engineering, Geoff Webb.

A little bit about Geoff. He was born in South Africa, grew up in Australia, ‘matured’ in the UK, and now resides in Vancouver, BC. After ‘hacking’ his way into a developer role back in the mid-90’s, and surviving a pretty epic experience at a UK-based startup through the dot-com bust, he’s now spent the last few years as a freelance technologist for various Vancouver startups and is active in the local software community.

As Director of Engineering, Geoff will help grow and lead our Development team which is split into three: Platform, App, and Page Builder. He’ll be hands on with the product we ship, ensuring we hire the best talent and working with me on developer community initiatives.

He’s an avid snowboarder, cross-country skier, plays the guitar in a band with friends, makes a mean latte, and is currently learning Swedish (he knows ‘enough to get into, not out of trouble’).

If you want to creep Geoff more (which he claims is hard to do) or just say hi, follow him on twitter and/or check out his Linkedin.

Welcome to the team Geoff :)

Fun fact: Geoff now brings our team to an official 40 employees!


Sarah McCredie, Sponsorship & PR Manager