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Better logging of startup failures

Something is going to break Failures happen. Especially in complex systems with lots of dependencies. We try our best to design our systems with that in mind. We run a lot of short lived instances on AWS, and when something goes wrong those instance can be very short lived. If a new instance fails to startup correctly due to a transient failure outside the instance, or something broken with a code deployment. AWS auto-scaling terminates the instance Read More...

You’d be insane not to grow your startup on AWS

…and by “insane” I mean really, truly, what-was-I-thinking-was-I-out-of-my-mind? insane, not cool insane like the awe-inspiring Tesla insane button. Now, either you’re somewhat in agreement or you’re up-in-arms and ready to engage flamethrowers and lay down scorching arguments in the comments. Either way, follow along as I weave together the financial and technical story behind why I think life on AWS is so good for startups. If you think you’ve got Read More...