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Win A Ticket To Call To Action Conference from Wistia, Cardinal Path, Moz & Überflip!


** Please note this contest is over and all the landing page links in this post are unpublished.

When we first announced our conference 3 months ago, we made you a promise: we decided to forego traditional sponsorships (we don’t really believe in them anyway) and said no to booths, exhibitor halls, any type of sponsored content and other parties trying to sell their product. We wanted a relaxed, comfortable, no-pressure environment where you could come to learn.

That being said, we know conferences can be expensive when you add up your ticket, travel, hotel, meals, and all those little miscellaneous costs. We hear you! And just because you work for a non-profit, startup, small business, or don’t have the biggest budget, we don’t think it should stop you from learning all you can and meeting a ton of new people along the way. So we took a page from WistiaFest and reached out to some awesome, generous, community-minded, companies (friends) who care about CTAConf and think conversion, landing pages and improving your marketing is important for your business.

Wistia, Cardinal Path, Moz and Uberflip have risen to the occasion and are helping send 14 awesome individuals to the Call To Action Conference this September. And if you want to be one of those individuals, you’ll have to work for it (a little bit at least). Here’s what you have to do to score yourself a ticket:

The Challenge

Create & publish a landing page in Unbounce (it’s free) and tell one of our partners why you want to attend Call To Action Conference! You don’t have to create a flashy, lengthy landing page. You can start from a template or just piece together a page from scratch. On your page, answer one very simple question: why you want to go to Call To Action Conference. Show your enthusiasm & excitement and you’ll be well on your way. Then tweet your landing page to any one of these awesome companies (or all four – individually) and tell them how much you love them.

The Fine Print

  • Tweets must contain #CTAConf
  • You can tweet one of these companies, or you can tweet all four. The more tweets the merrier!
  • You have until Wednesday, August 27th at 5:00 pm PDT to tweet us your page (we extended the deadline by a few days). We’ll announce the winners the shortly after.
  • If you’ve already purchased a ticket, no worries. If you win, we’ll give you a full refund and you can give your spare ticket to someone you really like.
  • This is ONLY for a ticket to Call To Action Conference. Winners will be responsible for getting themselves to Vancouver and finding a place to crash.
  • Your page doesn’t have to be a novel, nor does it have to be flashy. Just check out Stef Miller’s simple, yet awesome landing page

Before you start building your landing page, get to know some of our awesome friends who are sending 14 of you to CTAConf and why they’re excited to send you to Call To Action Conference.



Wistia is sending 5 lucky people to Call To Action Conference. Check out how you can win tickets here.

Wistia provides video hosting, management, and marketing for businesses. They’ve been guests on an unwebinar educating attendees on how to increase landing Page conversions with video and we recently teamed up with them at MozCon to facilitate a conference-wide Spy At Moz social media-infused, networking game with epic prizes. They’re pure joy to work with. And not only that, they are constantly finding ways to be creative (has anyone seen their 2013 rap? Or their class photos?), have so much personality in their marketing and an amazing community. Someone described them as, ‘the definition of geeky cool’ – we just think they are hands down awesome. What’s more is that they care about conversion and really see the value in testing and improving their marketing campaigns. When we ‘virtually’ sat down and asked them why they are excited to send marketers to Call To Action Conference, here’s what they had to say:

“First and foremost, we’re excited to make this conference more accessible to a broader audience! Analytics and CRO are important for every organization, from small to large companies, from non-profit to for-profit. Plus, we love the folks at Unbounce, and we know you’ll have some incredible stuff to teach at this event!” – Kristen Craft, Director of Partnerships at Wistia



Moz is sending 4 lucky people to Call To Action Conference. Check out how you can win tickets here.

Moz not only provides inbound marketing analytics software, they also foster the web’s most vibrant online marketing community and create free resources for learning inbound marketing. We’ve been friends with the Moz crew for a while and look up to them a lot. Rand Fishkin, Moz’ Founder, is on our board of advisors), has dropped his knowledge on CRO on one of our #unwebinars, and he most recently joined us as a guest judge on our new Google HAO series, Page Fights (read the epic recap here). And just last month, we sponsored their ‘not your typical marketing conference’, MozCon. Needless to say, we love the folks at Moz, think they’re pretty rad and really resonate with their core values: TAGFEE. Some of their team are already attending CTAConf, so when we asked them to sponsor tickets there was no hesitation. It’s clear that they believe in the content CTAConf is founded on. Rand’s quote sets it in stone:

“If I were doing another startup today, it would focus on software for conversion rate optimization. I think this is still the most under-utilized and highest ROI activity in the marketing department.” – Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz

Cardinal Path


Cardinal Path is sending 3 lucky people to Call To Action Conference. Check out how you can win tickets here.

Cardinal Path has helped thousands of marketers — from self-taught sole proprietors to Fortune 500 brand veterans — amass the skills, knowledge and confidence to propel their businesses forward using data-driven marketing tools. They’ve also helped our own customers digest Google Analytics and have helped our blog readers better understand how to create and optimize their PPC campaigns. If there is one thing Cardinal Path is serious about, it’s Analytics and Adwords – just check out their upcoming Analytics & Adwords training courses. Described as “analytics ninjas” by Forrester Research, they are serious about data-driven marketing, so it was a no-brainer that they care about conversions, landing pages and ultimately, the Call To Action Conference. They’re just as passionate about better educating marketers and business in the complex ways of online marketing, so this partnership was a match made in heaven.



Uberflip is sending 2 lucky people to Call To Action Conference. Check out how you can win tickets here.

Uberflip makes content perform by centralizing it into one immersive experience, to increase key engagement metrics and generate leads. If there is one thing we are serious about at Unbounce, it’s a killer content Experience, which is exactly what Uberflip specializes in. Killer content aside, they are awesome Unbounce customers (we sung happy birthday to Hana once), they hustle, wear stylish pink headbands and most of all really dig Call To Action Conference and even mentioned it in their 2014 Conference Blog Post (thanks!). When we asked them why they were excited to send some individuals to CTAConf, here’s what they had to say:

“At Uberflip, we believe that great execution can make or break your marketing, whether we’re talking about content, search, PPC, CRO or anything else. I’ve been to so many conferences that were motivational, interesting and fun… but mostly theoretical. The Call To Action Conference is proving to be anything but theory. I’ve personally followed many of the speakers that are slated to present and think that all marketers – regardless of their experience level or area of expertise – will get a ton of valuable and actionable information.” – Hana Abaza, Director of Marketing

There you have it. 4 great companies. 14 Call To Action Conference spots up for grabs.

We look forward to seeing your landing pages and tweets. Good luck!

-Stefanie Grieser
Events Strategist

PS – If you or your company is interested in sponsoring a few Call To Action Conference attendees, we’d love to hear from you! Please email Stefanie at