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Last Month in Customer Success: 65 Support NPS, 6h Reply Time, 1,494 Tickets Solved


We had a lot of fun at TechPong last month…

About this postEvery month, our Customer Success Team reports on team happenings, support stats, feature requests and customer feedback. The goal is to help our team understand our customers’ pain-points and successes. Ultimately, this post is about giving our customers a voice inside Unbounce. We share these posts so other companies can see how we do things, maybe steal what works, and (hopefully!) tell us what they do better.

What’s New?

  • Welcome Helen!
  • CS Montreal
  • Congratulations Ahmed!
  • Ryan at the Point Nine Capital Conference

Numbers and Shout-outs:

support numbers

Welcome Helen!



This month we’re excited to welcome yet another new member to the always expanding Unbounce CS team. Helen comes armed with a strong background in design (check out her amazing portfolio here), but decided to join Unbounce’s CS team, because even more than making things look awesome, she loves making customer’s feel awesome. You may have already spoken to her via chat or email and, if you did, chances are that you were blown away. Welcome to the team, Helen!

CS Montreal

Last month we welcomed three new members of CS. Laura’s still here in the Vancouver office, but we recently bid adieu to Princess and Victor, who are the two inaugural members of the Montreal CS Team. They’re still voraciously learning anything and everything Unbounce and we’re actually taking care of some IT issues in the new Montreal space, but for those of you East of the Pacific time zone, you’ll soon have access to live chat and phones 3-hours earlier. After our Marketing Honey Badgers founded the Montreal HQ, we knew Customer Success would be the next to expand to East. There are definitely going to be challenges with having the team split up between two geographically separate locations, but it’ll be more than worth it to give customers an extra 3-hours of live support.

Congratulations Ahmed!

A bittersweet announcement, as Ahmed is leaving the Customer Success Team. The good news is, he’s not going that far. In fact, he’s just on the other side of the office, where he’ll be bringing his amazing data analysis skills to the Product team. We’re always sad when someone leaves CS, but we’re beyond excited that Ahmed’s taking this big step in his career!… plus, he said we can still bug him for data stuff (in fact, he still pulled all the CS stats for this blog post for me–thanks, Ahmed).

Ryan at the Point Nine Capital Conference

Back in the day, Ryan, our Director of Customer Success used to pen the monthly CS newsletter. He was awesome at it, but one of the advantages to him no longer writing it, is that we can brag about all the cool stuff he does, which is something he wouldn’t do here himself. This week, Ryan’s in San Francisco, reppin’ Unbounce at the Point Nine Capital Founder Meet Up. He’s there to talk about growing Customer Success teams for an audience of over 100 SaaS company founders and investors.

Who’s Looking for Help?

Solved Tickets by Subscription Length Solved Tickets by Plan


What do Customers Need Help With?

MNL Ticket Type Distribution

Billing Issues 18%

  • -3% compared to August

Page Builder Issues 22%

  • +3% compared to August

Custom Domain Issues 12%

  • 0% change compared to August

Feature Requests

Tickets With Feature Interest

Most Requested Features

  • Responsive pages
  • SSL
  • Better spam protection
  • Shared content between pages

Customer Feedback

 Some Customer Lovin’


“I‘ve never seen a suppport team like these. It’s my first experience with Unbouce and I just signed up for the service. So far it’s a great experience. Congratulations to the team.


I barely had time to hit Send and stand up before I got my answer! Now I can get this installed and start getting results instead of waiting around for an answer. Just one more reason to love you all over there! Thanks again!

Questions or comments? Don’t be shy and post all your thoughts below, we’d love to hear and learn from you!

Quinn Omori
Unbounce Customer Support Manager