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Welcome Inside Unbounce

I was walking down the street several months back and ran into a local tech investor that I’m acquainted with.

After a brief chit chat, he asked:

‘What happened to you guys? You were doing so well last year but now I hear nothing about you.’

I was surprised, I mean, while we can always find ways to do better, Unbounce was killing it. We were hitting and surpassing targets, getting lots of industry press, launching good partnerships and hired some great people.

I tried to explain but I knew he wasn’t convinced. In his mind, somewhere we took a wrong turn and had lost our way.

I left the encounter a little frustrated. I mean, he’s got his ear to the ground on everything happening in town. How does he not know what we’ve been doing?

Then it hit me, “We haven’t told anyone.”

And he’s not the only one. I regularly run into people around town (developers/marketers who you would think would have Unbounce on their radar) who either a) have no idea who we are or b) heard of Unbounce but didn’t realize we were based in Vancouver, Canada.

I thought to myself ‘How will we recruit the local talent if they don’t even know we are here?’

Fact is, we’ve had our heads down growing our business.

In 2013 we doubled revenue and doubled our brain count which now sits at 40. Our plan is to double these again in 2014.

While our teams have done an awesome job marketing Unbounce ‘the product’ and building a strong marketing brand, we haven’t done much to promote Unbounce ‘the company’, and we’ll need to do more than list our perks on a recruiting page if we are going to attract the talent we need to grow.

So, inspired by our friend Rand Fishkin and his very transparent blog and more recently what the amazing people at Buffer are doing with their blog, we decided to reinvent our company blog to be a staff-written un-curated window into our journey and the lessons learned along the way. Our hope is that if we can inform and inspire other entrepreneurs, people might pay attention, share and talk about it.

I think we are building something pretty special at Unbounce.

I don’t know exactly how this blog will evolve but everyone has been given the green light to be transparent about the stuff that they are passionate about.

You’ll probably read about big wins and big fails.

We plan on writing about targets hit and targets missed. Uptime and downtime. We’ll share goals, sprints, accolades, code, hires, press, & bad press, lunch & learns, feature releases, birthdays, the list goes on.

In fact, I can’t think of too many things that might be of interest to people outside the company that we won’t share here.

So, click on the subscribe button at the upper right of this page to join us on our journey. In the coming weeks if we fail to excite or inspire you, call us on it. But if you like what you read, please share.

Lets get started.

— Rick Perreault