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Unbounce Acquires Rooster Engagement Tools

The first half of 2015 has proven to be pretty exciting here at Unbounce.
With the expansion of our leadership team, the launch of the Conversion Road Trip Series and the return of the Call To Action Conference, it’s pretty much been non-stop action.

But today, we’re thrilled to announce our most exciting news yet: Unbounce has acquired its first company, Rooster Engagement Tools.

Our mission is to empower businesses to deliver better marketing experiences, and the Rooster acquisition directly supports this. Rooster develops tools to help marketers better target web users and reduce website abandonment.

Rooster’s “exit-intent” and targeted messaging creates new ways for marketers to optimize their campaigns.

We’d already been using Rooster on our own campaigns when we realized how similar our two companies were from a culture, passion and mission standpoint. Once this was discovered, the conversations began around what things would look like if we joined forces; would an acquisition be a natural fit?

“For us, this is an opportunity to team up with a company that shares our passion for online marketing and conversion optimization, and can make our technology available to a wider audience of marketers,” said Rooster co-founder Jeremy Wallace.

Rooster’s technology will now reside at Unbounce headquarters, and we’re thrilled to be introducing three new members to our team:

Jeremy Wallace

Jeremy Wallace

Rooster co-founder Jeremy Wallace will be joining us in the role of chief marketing officer. Jeremy is a veteran of the digital marketing landscape with over 17 years’ experience developing and executing marketing strategy for companies including Coca-Cola, P&G, Hyundai, TELUS, and several private gaming companies. He is a growth-focused marketer with experience building teams from the ground up, and managing marketing investments exceeding $60M per year. Prior to Rooster, Jeremy co-founded Crowdvert—an award-winning conversion rate optimization agency.

Yosem Sweet

Yosem Sweet

Rooster co-founder & CTO Yosem Sweet takes on the role of director of business optimization. Yosem brings a decade’s worth of experience leading product delivery from both a creative and a technical standpoint, and has helped organizations build better products by bridging the gap between software development, marketing, and user experience teams. Prior to Rooster, Yosem co-founded Crowdvert—an award-winning conversion rate optimization agency.

Angus Lynch

Angus Lynch

Rooster Marketing Director Angus Lynch returns to his copywriting roots as Unbounce’s first full-time copywriter. Prior to joining Rooster, Angus served as a staff copywriter at Strangeloop Networks (now Radware) as well as real estate marketing firm Braun/Allison, and spent 5 years developing a conversion-focused approach to writing under his freelance moniker, WriteCopy.


We could not be more excited to be welcoming the Rooster product and team to Unbounce. Cheers!

Rick Perreault