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More Templates and Background Image Properties

Traditionally (as in the first few years of Unbounce), template development was quite the arduous process where our Creative Director and Design Director would get together and plan out every detail of the page. Layout, color scheme, and copy would be selected to suit Oli’s Conversion Centered Design principles and over a couple weeks of brainstorming and iteration, the makings of a landing page would be scrawled out on a Read More...

The 5 Resolutions Every Marketer Needs to Make in 2015

Forget your date nights with the treadmill, the commitment to kale, or bringing your soggy paper bag lunch to work everyday. These New Year’s resolutions are admirable, but if you’re anything like me, they last about ten days and then you’re back to potato chips and Kraft Dinner cheat nights. So, what should you resolve to do this year? There’s plenty of options, but at Unbounce we think you’ll agree Read More...