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Shipit Day November 2015 Recap

On November 27 we had one more edition of Ship it Day. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Shipit Day, it is inspired by Atlasssian and is a time for our team to drop our day-to-day work and collaborate on projects across departments. Everyone will get together and pitch various ideas and then form groups to execute on an MVP (minimum viable product) to demo by the end of Friday.

There were 14 projects shipped by the end of Friday. It was amazing to see so much participation and collaboration. We keep seeing people from different departments getting involved and this couldn’t be more exciting, cross-department collaboration is one of the main purposes of Ship It Day.

Here’s a quick summary of the projects that got shipped this time:

Ship it Day Winners

Video Backgrounds on Landing Pages


People’s Choice Winner

By:Mark Wainwright

Allow users to use videos as backgrounds directly from the builder. Thanks to Johnny we previously had a script to be able to accomplish this, but Mark turned this into a built in feature (which is currently being polished to be released to production).

Unbounce News (Pilot)

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 1.04.22 PM

Best Collaborative Project Winner

By: Aramesh Atash, Jacquelyn Ma, Kieran Cormack, Leslie Collin, Sharla Gelfand, Sarah MacKay and Martin Suchanek

As our company grows, it has become much more difficult to stay connected with the rest of the company, so this amazing group of people got together to create a pilot for a “news” series that would allow us to share stories with the rest of the company. They made the whole meet up space crack up, and there are rumours that new episodes of Unbounce News are coming up!


Other Shipped Projects

Drag and Drop Images from Desktop to  Builder

Drag-and-drop-images-full-galleryBy: Matt Coady

The title of the project was pretty self descriptive, but Matt really surprised us with a working version of dragging and dropping images directly to the builder. He was also really really close (just 2 points away) from the winner. Good job Matt!


Page Version Control

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 1.30.41 PMBy: Johnny Opao

Quinn Omori pitched the idea of giving our support team (and eventually customers) the ability to revert a page back to a previously saved version. Johnny stepped up his game and prototyped this feature!! This is another project from this ship it day, that is currently being polished for production.


Seamless “Use this Template”

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 2.31.13 PM

By: Yosem Sweet, Cecilia Martinez and Shahrzad Faghihi

This team prototyped a redesign of a custom registration process that starts with the user selecting a template, naming their page, entering free registration details, and then being presented their page (from the template) in the builder.


Meeting Room Calendar Display

meeting-room-calendarBy: Carl Schmidt, Cole Derochie and Macarena Poo

Last Ship It Day, Ryan pitched the idea to have a tablet in each meeting room that displays it’s schedule to easily figure out if it’s free or who’s coming.


New Buttons should inherit stylistic properties of the last button added to the page

By: Mark Wainwright

When a new button is dropped on the page, instead of always being styled with an orange background, drop shadow, text shadow, border and rounded corners it will inherit the style of the last created button. If the user wants the original, they’ll still have the “Use Defaults” button to revert.


Feature Flagging (continued)

By: James Brennan

Create a developer UI for Ensign to handle Feature Flagging. This project started last Ship It Day and was finished in this one.


Slack command for running client traffic report

By: Derek Lewis

Running the command /clientTrafficReport on Slack, sends a traffic report of any client to any email!


Hand Printed Unbounce T-Shirts

handmade-unbounce-shirtsBy: Tynan Rollo

Kicking it old school Tynan hand printed t-shirts for a bunch of people on the office. They turned out really awesome!

Redesign the UX of the Web App

By: Brian Holt

Brian delivered a html prototype of a redesigned version of the web app. This prototype can be used for user testing in the future and to determine the scope of what a real project like this would entail.

The Jungle

By: Denise Villanueva, Meagan Sobol and Sarah Gillis

These ladies decorated the product and UX hub as a jungle and created a video that made the whole meet up space laugh hysterically.


Dark Theme for Slack

Screenshot from 2016-01-12 17_51_26By: Kadeem Hassam

Slack is a daily part of our workflow, but the default theme of black text on a white background can be a strain on our eyes. Kadeem created a dark theme for Slack so that we can comfortably use Slack all day long without tiring out our eyes.


Progressive Profilling on Unbounce Forms

By: James Brennan and Cole Derochie

Some marketing automation tools, such as Marketo or Hubspot, provide a feature known as “progressive profiling” which asks a lead for more information each time they view one of your landing pages. For example on their first visit the form may display the first name and email, on the next visit it displays phone number or age.


Thanks again to everyone who participated in this last Ship It Day, we really encourage everyone to be a part of this next time, and as you can see you don’t need to do Unbounce related work, or be a developer to be able to come up with something amazing! We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas so we can make Ship It Day even better! Just email us to or talk to James, Spicer or me on the hallway.