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How Unbounce Supports its German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese Speaking Customers

Dear Unbounce Community,

Last week one of our account executives received an email from an Unbounce prospect who was curious about how we support our non-English speaking customers. As we were crafting a response, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to provide an update to our entire community about how we support and champion our German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian speaking customers all over the world.

At Unbounce, providing the very highest quality service to our customers has remained a top priority since day one. Two years ago, we opened an office in Berlin with the intention of extending our support hours to customers across various time zones and languages and to continue to grow our community and customer base around the world. Since opening this office, we’ve extended our support hours to 21 hours/day, we now support Italian and German customers, and the original 3-person team in Berlin has tripled in size and now services the majority of Unbounce’s sales and customers outside of North America. Our Vancouver team also continues to provide customer support in both Spanish and Portuguese.

In addition to supporting our customers over the phone, on live chat and via email in six languages, over the past nine years we’ve also made it our mission to educate customers and the wider digital marketing community about landing page and conversion marketing best practices at industry conferences (including our own!), the Unbounce blog, webinars and various other forms of content. We continue to publish new and cutting-edge educational content in English across all of these channels, however, we’re no longer publishing new content in German, Spanish and Portuguese as we have in the past. Publishing content across four languages and four different websites caused an increase in technical issues and we were concerned that over time we’d find ourselves sacrificing the quality of our content and the focus of our team. For now, we’ve hit the pause button so we can zero in on creating key pieces of high-quality content.

As Unbounce grows, we continue to invest in supporting the success of our German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian speaking customers. Unbounce wants the world to experience great marketing and this commitment relies on our ability to support the growth and achievement of all of our customers, whereever they may be around the world.

Carter Gilchrist
President and co-founder, Unbounce