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Dance Your Way To WistiaFest! Two Free Tickets Up For Grabs

On May 19 & 20, video marketers from all over the world will descend on Cambridge, MA for WistiaFest – a 2 day learning extravaganza dedicated to all things video marketing. Unbounce wants to send two lucky winners to attend WistiaFest but you’ve Gotta Get Loose to convince us that YOU should be the one going! To enter the contest, follow these steps: Record a 5-30 second video of your Read More...

There’s No Excuse for Bad Customer Service

Like everyone, I’ve had my fair share of awful customer service experiences. There was that belligerent server who spilled plum sauce all over me and then had the audacity to try charging me for a refill (true story!), or the time a hotel wouldn’t cancel my booking because it hadn’t been made yet – apparently they first had to book it and then proceeded to charge a cancellation fee. What Read More...