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Our curvy road to Clojure

The Clojure language is spreading like wildfire at Unbounce. We just had three people attending Clojure West and being indoctrinated with the latest and greatest news about this language and its ecosystem. So we’re very serious about it! But this commitment didn’t happen overnight: it took us a while and some experiments (at times painful) to come to the conclusion that Clojure was the right tool for us.

How We Code Review

The Theory “‚Ķlarge numbers of defects are often more attributable to the complexity and risk of a piece of code than to the author’s abilities.” – Jason Cohen Code review is like test-driven development, version control, and brushing your teeth. Everyone knows they’re good ideas and yet not everyone does them. At Unbounce we review all code changes before they’re allowed anywhere near the master branch, our implicit assumption being Read More...