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Last Week in Marketing: Unbounce Landing Page Designs on ThemeForest & Oli Wins Gold in Unwebinars

[About this post: Every week, the Unbounce Marketing team takes a look at the previous week’s performance and reports back to everyone in the company (and now you!) on the metrics, highlights, and takeaways. Questions? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.]

What made us giddy between Feb. 17th & 23rd, 2014

The First 10 Unbounce Templates in ThemeForest

The first 10 Unbounce templates in ThemeForest

Last week, you might remember Georgiana mentioning one of the biggest partnerships in Unbounce history. This week, we got a small taste of the results from the ThemeForest partnership. And it tastes delicious.

The Unbounce Themeforest category has launched with 10 templates and it’s growing fast. We couldn’t be happier with the designs so far. Designers are pushing the boundaries of Unbounce, using custom javascript and CSS to introduce new design trends like parallax scrolling. The best news? They’re only going to get cooler from here :).

Let’s dig in to last week’s performance:

New Trial Starts (NTS)

  • Weekly Total NTS: 342, +5% (week over week)
  • Daily Average NTS: 49, +17% (vs. 6 week average)
  • Month-to-Date: 1,018 (78% of monthly target 1,298)

NTS by Plan & Free

  • Pro99 Trials: 117, +6% (w/w)
  • Starter Trials: 213, +8% (w/w)
  • Signups for Free: 572, +10% (w/w)


  • Unique Visitors: 53,502, +7% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)
  • Pricing Page Visits: 8,051, +17% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)

Top 5 Visitor Referral Sources: Twitter, Facebook, Feedly, StumbleUpon,


  • Community New Members: 408, +34% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)
  • Engagement: 1646, +1% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)
  • Social Traffic: 4,026, -19% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)


  • Unique Visitors: 32,992, +14% (vs. 6 wk. avg)
  • New Email Subscribers: 444, +28% (vs. 6 wk. avg)

Generally, a lot of “up and to the right”, which is great to report. The one exception is social traffic (down 19%). The 6 week average has been sky-high lately, because posts were picked up by the “Buffer Content Suggestions” tool. Where was the love last week, Buffer? We definitely missed you. Other than that though, we enjoyed some some great traffic from and The Next Web.

Marketing Happenings

Get Unbounce Landing Pages at

Unbounce landing pages on ThemeForest.

Click to see the first Unbounce landing pages on ThemeForest.

We’ve launched our own category within ThemeForest! The exclamation point was because it’s a big deal! We’re insanely excited to be a part of ThemeForest. It’s been on our digital bucket list for a long time and we’re honoured that their authors will be helping us design beautiful templates for our customers.

We’ll be seeding that category with new templates in an event called Envato’s Most Wanted until March 12th. If you think you’ve got the chops, join the contest! There’s $12,000 in prize money on the line, plus you can make some great money on the side selling your template. Get in on the ground floor. Strike while the iron’s hot. Do other cliche things that result in making money too. Here’s all the info.

February Webinar – Oli Brings Home the Gold

Big news, folks.

Kitten in Oli's Presentation

Peep Laja used to brag that he had highest number of registrants for an Unwebinar (3,149).

Rand Fishkin used to politely boast that he had the most Unwebinar attendees (717).

That is, until last Tuesday, when our very own Oli Gardner brought both the records home. The 3 Landing Page Mistakes that 98% of Marketers are Making saw a whopping 3,257 registrants and 753 attendees, making it the most successful webinar on record. Congrats Oli!

Rand and Peep, we’d love to have you back for a rematch :)

Liesl, Building Relationships for a Better Tomorrow

Recently, we’ve had some great companies working with our webhook to integrate with us. Both Klaviyo and Benchmark, two awesome email marketing solutions, have developed integrations: so we are working with them to get assets to list them in our Conversion Ecosystem. Stay tuned.

Startup darling AdStage has incorporated our builder into their app, which allows marketers to purchase ads for Google, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn all in one simple platform. We’re really excited for them as they recently raised $1 Million in funding, and our CEO Rick offers his support in their official release. In fact, they’re just on a roll with the press. Go AdStage!

The Argentinian-based explainer video company, Yum Yum Videos, has officially announced our partnership and the sweet deal they’re offering our customers. They’re already working with some of our customers and we can’t wait to see the results!

New on the Blog

Here’s what happened on the Unbounce Blog last week:

Some Lovely Mentions

Standout Community <3

And for the real “feel-good” piece of the week, check out (because chances are, you missed) what our awesome community members were saying about Unbounce:




Looking forward to any feedback or questions — See you in the comments!

~Corey Dilley, Acquisition Manager