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Last Week in Marketing: Social Traffic +148%, Engagement +82% & Pro99s +20%

[About this post: Every Wednesday, the Unbounce Marketing team takes a look at the previous week’s performance and reports back to everyone in the company (and now you!) on the metrics, highlights, and takeaways. Questions? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.]

Say hello to January 27th to February 2nd, 2014


Cole built our logo out of lego with ‘Built with Chrome‘. Good times.

Hawaii was ok. ;) While I was gone, the team was busy being awesome apparently. Go-go Pro99s, up 20%!

We hit the January New Trial Start target (1228) with 1265 total NTS, that’s +17% over December. Nice.

Let’s dig in to last week’s performance:

New Trial Starts (NTS)

  • Weekly Total NTS: 300, +2% (week over week)
  • Daily Average NTS: 43, +26% (vs. 6 week average)
  • Month-to-Date: 48 (Target: 1,298)

(New Trial Starts (or NTS) are those who have signed up to receive a 30-day trial of a paid plan and does not include people who have opted for a free “kick-the-tires” account.)

NTS by Plan & Free

  • Pro99 Trials: 119, +21% (w/w)
  • Starter Trials: 170, -9% (w/w)
  • Signups for Free: 385, -6% (w/w)

(Pro199, Pro499 and Pro999 plans aren’t included here since numbers are too low to be meaningful on a week by week basis at this stage.)


  • Unique Visitors: 50,278, +29% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)
  • Pricing Page Visits: 6,916 +30% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)
  • Website Visit to NTS: 2.28 -1% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)


  • New Members: 305, +9% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)
  • Engagement: 1646, +82% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)
  • Social Traffic: 8002, +148% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)

Huge lift in social traffic thanks to Buffer including Stef’s Facebook blog post as part of the “Daily Content Suggestion” in their app. Interestingly, social traffic to that post has a high ‘Time on Page’ (224% higher than average…people are really reading it), but visitors don’t venture elsewhere on our website (nasty bounce rate of 94%).

Engagement is also looking awesome here. This is largely thanks to the fun we had with the Shutterstock #Unstockable photo contest on Twitter. If you haven’t already — Check out how it went.

Oh also Tia is the cat’s PJs — She received 2 nominations for the 2014 Community Manager Appreciation Day Awards — Kudos Tia!


  • New Email Subscribers: 78, -74% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)
  • Unique Visitors: 30,434, +47% (vs 6 wk. avg.)

Once again we have a week where there was no webinar registration landing page page post-conversion boosting new email subscribers. Dan is going to be digging in to some new ideas. The surge of blog traffic from Buffer gives Unique Visitors a huge boost (traffic was 22% above average without it).

Big Content

  • New Conversion Learning Subscribers: 375, -36% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)
  • New Ecourse Students: 119, -16% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)

The week of Jan 20th to 26th (no update here) we moved January’s webinar registrants over to our Conversion Learning list, this boosted new subscribers by over 1100 which is +108% over the 6 wk. avg. As long as webinars are a monthly occurrence, the growth here will continue to be kind of erratic.

Marketing Happenings


February Webinar

Think you know landing pages? Oli will school you in this month’s webinar. The 3 Landing Page Mistakes That 98% of Marketers are Making on Tuesday February 18th at 11am PT / 2pm ET.

New on the Blog

Oli’s guest post The 7 Principles of Conversion Centered Design went live on the Shutterstock blog last week. “If I could marry this blog post @Shutterstock, I would” is among the responses. :) 

Some Lovely Mentions

Standout Community <3

And for the real “feel-good” piece of the week, check out (because chances are, you missed) what our awesome community members were saying about Unbounce, our events and CS:




And when we hit 6,000 fans on FB:

The Pipe…

  • Next week comes the beginnings of a beautiful relationship between ThemeForest (Envato) and Unbounce — !!! So. much. happy.
  • We’re lining up some awesome webinar guests for the next few months; Watch out for the one and only Brian Clark (Copyblogger) and PPC Master, Brad Geddes (Certified Knowledge)! #smarts

As usual, hit me up with any feedback or questions — See you in the comments!

~Georgiana Laudi, Director of Marketing