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Last Week in Marketing: Pulling New Templates and New Friends Together

[About this post: Every Wednesday, the Unbounce Marketing team takes a look at the previous week’s performance and reports back to everyone in the company (and now you!) on the metrics, highlights, and takeaways. Questions? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.]

Say hello to January 13th to 19th, 2014


It was a positive week for trial starts; 319 NTS is a good week. In fact, on Jan 16th we saw 65! Awesome day. The not so great performers were some of the other metrics we recently added to these updates; subscribers and new community members in particular.

New Blog Subscribers by Email‘ are coming back down to earth compared to the 713 (+200%) increase we saw last week. And, well, our community’s ‘New Members‘ are holding steady, but not breaking any records. Growth of our ‘New Conversion Learning Subscribers‘ is down 60% but that’s due to a large import of December webinar registrants in the comparison dates (we’ll see this number jump back up with January’s import soon).

We’re pumped about campaigns fresh off the press; Read on to see the new templates launched and a super fun new partnership rolling out this week!

Let’s take a closer look at how we did between January 13th and 19th:

New Trial Starts (NTS)

  • Weekly Total NTS: 319, +7% (week over week)
  • Daily Average NTS: 46, +26% (vs. 6 week average)
  • Month-to-Date: 758 (62% of January Target 1228)

New Trial Starts (or NTS) are those who have signed up to receive a 30-day trial of a paid plan and does not include people who have opted for a free “kick-the-tires” account. 

NTS by Plan & Free Signups

  • Pro99 Trials: 115, -2.5% (w/w)
  • Starter Trials: 190, +6.7% (w/w)
  • Signups for Free: 366, +7% (w/w)

Pro199, Pro499 and Pro999 plans aren’t included here since numbers are too low to be meaningful on a week by week basis at this stage.


  • Unique Visitors: 46,339, +26% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)
  • Pricing Page Visits: 6,004 +13% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)
  • Website Visit to NTS: 2.58%, +11% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)


  • New Members: 246, -12.5% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)
  • Engagement: 962, +9.7% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)
  • Social Traffic: 3277, +17% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)


  • New Email Subscribers: 135, -60% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)
  • Unique Visitors: 21,829, +5.6% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)

Big Content

  • New Conversion Learning Subscribers: 304, -42% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)
  • New Ecourse Students: 155, +7% (vs. 6 wk. avg.)

Marketing Happenings

New Templates Launched!

Today beautiful new templates made their way inside Unbounce — They’re extra special, not only because for the first time ever we’ve focused templates on particular industries, but with the help of Shutterstock, they include photography like we’ve never been able to offer before.

Unbounce Templates

Big thanks to OliDenis and the rest of the team for burning the midnight oil to get these beauties out on time!

The templates were officially announced this AM with an email sent to our subscribers and customers, and will be rolling out throughout today on all our social channels too.

New Friends


Partnerships Whisperer, Liesl Barrell, played a mean matchmaker over the past few weeks; Shutterstock and Unbounce are officially “an item”.

What does this mean?

  • 50 new high quality images have been added to our Public Image Library
  • Unbounce customers get 20% off Shutterstock images (Shutterstock discounts are like unicorns, rare.)
  • We’ll be running some fun social campaigns and giving away some fun prizes — be sure to watch @unbounce on Twitter starting tomorrow

(Watch for a sweet design focused guest post by Oli on the Shutterstock blog next week too)

New on the Blog

Here’s what was published last week:

Lovely Mentions

Awesome appearances and shout-outs from the Interwebs:

Standout Community <3

And for the real good “feel-good” piece of the week, check out (because chances are, you missed) what our awesome community members were saying about Unbounce, our support and our new Inside Unbounce blog:





Team Updates

alohaI rarely go on vacation (no seriously, it’s laughable) but next week there won’t be a marketing update because even at this very moment, I’m on a beach in Kauai. Be jealous. But don’t be mad.

We’ll be back with our next update on Wednesday, February 5th!

As usual, hit me up with any feedback or questions — See you in the comments!

Georgiana Laudi, Director of Marketing


Image Source: Show Me Some Metrics Bear