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Last Month in Marketing: New Trial Starts +13%, Social Traffic +30% & Official Big Dills

Inside Unbounce Marketing for March 2014

Sorries I'm late

Sorries I’m late

This update is epically late. We opened a brand new office in Montreal and while super awesome, also awesomely consuming of any free time. I’ve already smacked the back of my hand with a ruler, so that you don’t have to.

Lame apologies aside, March was an awesome month for Unbounce — We surpassed the milestone of 1500 New Trial Starts in one month and in doing so, we kicked our monthly target’s ass.

In this post we’ll dig into performance by plan and take a look at how we’ve done in Q1 of 2014. We’ll quickly cover website, blog & social stats, take inventory on partnerships we’ve seen this year and highlight some awesome community love. If (when!) you make it to the end, be sure to check out some cool team updates too. Someone deserves your high fives.

And in your best Fergalicious, check-it-out…

New Trial Starts (NTS)


I’m happy to announce that we surpassed our targets in March, as well as (well!) passing the 1500 monthly New Trial Start milestone! In February we squeaked by our target of 1298 with a monthly total of 1317, but take a look at March, 1628 New Trial Starts — 14.5% above our target of 1418.



NTS by Paid Plan

March 1st to 31st versus January 29th to February 28th:

  • Starter Trials: 1046, +19%
  • Pro99 Trials: 520, +5%
  • Pro199 Trials: 60, +3.4%

You can see some nice overall growth here, especially for the Starter plan. I’ll dig into that a little more below when we look at a bigger picture.


A Look at New Trial Starts by Plan this Quarter

It’s clear that March has been a strong month for us, capping off the first quarter of 2014.


Starter has taken a big jump in March (+20%!) as a result of the entrepreneurial crowd coming to us via our ThemeForest category.

Pro99 is holding pretty steady with a slight jump in March to make up for the dip in February. Looking to make progress here.

Pro199 are slowly but surely gaining momentum. Great news since for most of 2013, the numbers too small to track.

Free Signups took off in February (+35%) and again in March thanks to Envato’s Most Wanted contest for designers.



Unique Visitors: 227,269, +6.5% over February. 

Top 10 Visitor Referral Sources:

Traffic Referrals

Honourable Mentions: Themeforest and CrazyEgg

*A note about #7 “Don’”, seems we have another coupon site who’s picked up an old promo code.


  • Uniques visitors: 141,229, +1.5% (vs. Feb)
  • New blog email subscribers: 1458, -12% (vs. Feb)

Top 3 Blog Posts in March:

  1. How To Use Your ‘About Us’ Page To Acquire Customers by first-time contributor Jen Havice
  2. 9 Landing Page Design Techniques That Will Make You a Conversion Hero by Eric Sloan
  3. How To Set Measurable Goals for Your Social Media Marketing by Danielle Prager


  • New Members: 1408, +15% (vs. Feb)
  • Engagement: 6999, +5% (vs. Feb)
  • Social Traffic: 25,454, +30% (vs. Feb)

Tia Kelly, Social Strategist

The most notable increases were Facebook traffic, up 95% over February (mostly from the content hacks post—had a long life on there!) and StumbleUpon traffic was up 160% thanks to this social goals post.
~ Tia



Look at the friends we’ve made so far this year! Liesl has been working hard to build bridges and new ways for customers to get the most from Unbounce.

New Unbounce Partners

  • Themeforest The Unbounce Landing Page Templates category went live (#huge), “Envato’s Most Wanted” contest garnered nearly 40 approved templates, we gave-away $12,000 in prizes, and inviting designers to signup for our free accounts increased signups by 44%! Add to that, guest posts, tutorials and now 50 new landing page templates  available to our customers — And this was one hell of a partnership to kick off 2014!
  • Shutterstock – 50 new high quality images added to our Public Image Library (read: free), customers get 20% off all stock photo purchases, we had tons of fun with a social contest and we topped it off with a guest post by Oli. Nice.
  • Benchmark Email – The fine folks at Benchmark announced their Unbounce integration in March — They’ve also earned themselves a spot in the Partner Ecosystem… And our hearts!
  • Cardinal Path – In March Cardinal Path was added to our Partner Ecosystem, lots more AdWords & Analytics goodness coming in April, too.
  • Capterra – A partner listing was just the start with Capterra. They published not one, but two blog posts about Unbounce, but also hosted a webinar with our own Director of Customer Success, Ryan Engley.
  • Disruptive Advertising – Another new PPC partner entered the mix… Extending our customers a discount of 50% off their services, too!


March Webinar

brian-clarkThis month’s webinar with Brian Clark “The 5 P’s of Copywriting for Conversion” pulled in 2,887 registrants (a little lower than usual) and 631 attendees (a little higher than usual).

We tried something with Brian that we don’t normally do – we asked him to stick around on Twitter to answer Q’s after the webinar (and he agreed). Having him do this allowed Corey to direct people to Twitter when we were almost out of time to answer their question live. We don’t have the #’s to back it up, but anecdotally, it kept engagement up afterward and made for a good experience for our attendees (and hopefully for our guest too).


Top 10 Lovely March Mentions

  1. 5 Reasons You Will Love Unbounce. Reason #3 Is My Favorite Envato notes
  2. and Unbounce Present Tech Security Talks Salesforce
  3. How to Optimize a Landing Page QuickSprout
  4. 8 Brilliant Landing Page Examples You Need to See Hubspot
  5. Dynamic Marketing Duos That Save Lives (Or At Least Time) Uberflip
  6. The Great Gate Debate: What Content Should You Gate? Kapost
  7. The Surprising Way One Startup Increased Email Click-Through Rates By 300% Zapier
  8. Seller Spotlight: Jen Gordon Selz
  9. 5 Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies You should Bookmark Omnicore
  10. March’s Best: Favorites in Analytics, Conversion, and Copywriting CrazyEgg


Standout Community <3

And for the real “feel-good” piece, check out (because chances are, you missed) what some of our awesome community members were saying about Unbounce:

Team Updates

Here's a sneak peak of our new Montreal digs

Here’s a sneak peak of our new Montreal digs

Unbounce’s Montreal office is now officially open! In case you missed the news, Unbounce is expanding to the East Coast (where 1/2 of the Marketing team calls home). In early March I arrived in Montreal, and soon after, our Operations Manager, Sholeh Atash and I set out to find the perfect home for our small but growing Montreal team. Sholeh went above and beyond getting us set up here. Watch for her Inside Unbounce post all about the process.

We’re hiring Honey Badgers! Since early March, the Marketing team has had 3 job postings put up, and 2 already taken down! I’ll be sure to intro new members of the team in next month’s update. #exciting

And, last but not least…

Corey Dilley is Unbounce's new Marketing Manager

You may know and love Corey cause he’s one of those super nice guys, who’s also tons of fun to have around…

What you might not know about him though, is just how much I (and all of us) rely on him every single day. Since Corey started at Unbounce on February 25th, 2013, life here is hella smoother, and epically more productive. He’s earned it…

Corey Dilley is now Unbounce’s Marketing Manager!

Yup, he’s officially a “Big Dill”

Looking forward to any feedback or questions — See you in the comments!

Georgiana Laudi
Director of Marketing