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How Unbounce Uses Unbounce

If you follow Inside Unbounce, you know we talk a lot.

We go on about our numbers, hiring, tech, events, company-related stuff, dogs, Space Jam…you name it.

But if there’s one thing we should probably talk about more, it’s how Unbounce uses the Unbounce Landing Page Builder. And by sharing how we use Unbounce in this post, I’m hoping you can learn how to use landing pages for just about anything.

Before I dive in, here’s a little bit about our process for creating landing pages.

First off, we never start a campaign without a dedicated landing page. Why? Because…

  1. It’s just smart marketing
  2. Oli will drop a Stone Cold Stunner if you don’t

We start every campaign by setting up a Basecamp project using this project brief. We specify what our objective is, along with any technical requirements, copy, imagery, wireframes and inspiration.

Next, the project owner works with our creative team (art director, interactive designers, videographer, developer) and a campaign strategist to complete the landing page and any other creative assets needed for the campaign.

We try our best to start from an existing template—why reinvent the wheel? We have 1000+ pages in our marketing account, so we usually start from an existing page and make our tweaks from there.

To help inspire your next campaign, I’m going to highlight our Greatest Hits (by category) for each campaign type. No b-sides here; just the best landing pages we’ve ever published.

Events and Events Sponsorships

The Unbounce crew that put on the Conversion Road Trip in New York

The Unbounce crew that put on the Conversion Road Trip in New York

For over 2 years, Unbounce has been putting on local meetups, hackathons, ping pong tourneys, customer hoedowns, creative sponsorships events—and of course—our prized Call to Action Conference.

Events have been a great way to extend our reach and meet awesome people IRL. And hey, it works a helluva lot better than sending traffic to a generic Eventbrite page :)

Here are examples of our best event landing pages:

The Unbounce Conversion Roadtrip
This year we went on a road trip and had a blast putting on one-day marketing events in Toronto, Boston, New York and Chicago.

2015 CTA Conference
The microsite for our 2015 Call to Action Conference is, you guessed it, built in Unbounce :)

2014 CTA Conference
For our inaugural 2014 Call to Action Conference, we put up all the speaker videos here and used Wistia for lead generation.

Spy at Moz
Unbounce partnered with Wistia to run a social contest during MozCon last year. It was a huge success, and we created a landing page to explain the contest and highlight the best entries.

MozCon after party sponsorship
This is the page we used to promote our MozCon after party last year.

Unbounce 5.0 (aka. our birthday party)
For Unbounce’s 5th birthday, we created a fun landing page for our nautical-themed party.

Stef and I spearheaded TechPong last year, which was a huge ping pong tournament that pitted 20 Vancouver tech companies against each other, and raised over $70,000 for Downtown Eastside charities (video included).

Unbounce Monthly Open Houses
We’ve hosted a monthly open house at our office for almost two years. It’s a great opportunity for our team to mingle with the local tech community and potential Unbounce team members.

Notetaking at conferences
For the past couple of conferences, we’ve sent a gang of notetakers to TractionConf to record every presentation, and make the notes available to everyone on this (very popular) landing page.


Part of our marketing team repping Unbounce at HeroConf

Part of our marketing team repping Unbounce at HeroConf

We do A LOT of marketing at Unbounce; it’s been a huge growth lever since day one. Here’s a breakdown of how our marketing department uses landing pages.


Every few months our content team launches a new ebook to educate our audience on various marketing topics.

Webinars have been one of our best acquisition tactics—we host them monthly and bring on marketing thought leaders to drop knowledge.

Page Fights
Page fights is a monthly online hangout where CRO experts tear apart landing pages.

Landing Page Conversion Course
This is the first landing page course Oli ever created. Oh the memories!

7-Day Lead Gen Landing Page Course
Our 7-Day Lead Gen Landing Page Course, designed to double your landing page IQ in just 1 week. Also created by the one and only Oli Gardner.

Toolkits have been an effective way for us to package together existing content and use it for lead generation.

For Contests

We use landing pages to promote every contest we run. This way we’re sending traffic to a dedicated page, and we can clearly define how to enter and promote the contest in a fun way.

Podcast Giveaway
We recently launched the Call to Action podcast. Our social team spearheaded this contest to promote the podcast.

Copywriting Contest
A copywriting contest our team ran…the winner got a free ticket to CTA Conference and trip to Vancouver!

For Partnerships

Unbounce has ramped up its partnership efforts in the past few months, and landing pages have been used every time we’ve done co-marketing with a partner.

Marketer’s Toolkit
We worked with Hubspot, Moz, Optimizely, Aweber, Wistia, Wordstream and other awesome partners on a marketer’s toolkit with deals on all of our tools.

Sales Partner Page
To get our product in front of new audiences, Unbounce co-brands dozens of “Try” pages.

Ebook Swaps
We’ll work with a partner to find complimentary ebooks to promote to our audiences and then do lead sharing.

Co-branding Content
For this project, we worked with CrazyEgg to co-brand one of Oli’s landing page courses for their audience.

Promoting Our Product to Partner Audiences
This landing page was created to explain how Shopify customers can use their “Buy” button with an Unbounce landing page.

Post-webinar Content
When Oli presents on partner webinars, we often reference different content pieces we’ve created. He grouped them together on this landing page to make them easily accessible for attendees.

Sales Pages

Unbounce sends traffic to over 100 different sales landing pages. Each page gets tweaked based on what we’re using them for (headline, partner or event logo, discount codes). The goal of these pages is to get new trial starts for Unbounce.

Try Unbounce with Marketo
This landing page was created when we launched our Marketo integration.

Webinar Try Page
For Talia Wolf’s popular webinar on “psychological targeting,” this is the landing page we used.

Sales Page for Conversion Glossary
We use this page to promote Unbounce to our Conversion Glossary audience.

For Customer Engagement and Product

Our CTO Carl getting serious for our Holiday Hours video shoot

Our CTO Carl getting serious for our Holiday Hours video shoot

Landing pages are an empowering way for our success coaches to surprise and delight a customer or communicate a new product feature.

Welcome Dollar Shave Club
A special page one of our CS coaches whipped up to welcome a new customer.

Onboarding Webinars
Before we launched Unbounce Academy, we’d use a landing page to convince new customers to sign up for a webinar on ‘Getting Started with Unbounce.’

Unbounce Holiday Hours
What we sent our customers over the holidays :)

New Feature: DTR
Our Dynamic Text Replacement feature was announced to customers with this page.

New Feature: Mobile Responsive
The page we used to announce our mobile responsive feature (make sure to watch the video!)

For Hiring

The Unbounce People & Culture team have used landing pages to build up our hiring funnel by quickly creating job description pages.

Careers Event Page
When we’re out and about, we always bring an iPad and collect the email addresses of anyone that expresses interest in a job at Unbounce:

Unbounce Careers
Our good ol’ careers page – come work with us!

We also get everyone who applies for a job to create a landing page (on our free plan) to tell us why they’re an awesome fit for Unbounce. Here are some recent gems:

Random Company Fun

Part of our marketing team mixing up some pina coladas

Part of our marketing team mixing up some pina coladas

Creating landing pages internally has been a great way to build team culture and whip up fun surprises on the fly.

Cycling Club
This page was made for our cycling club that goes out every week.

Liquid Pong
We just had our first ever Unbounce Liquid Pong tournament—it was some serious fun!

ShipIt Day
Inspired by Atlassian, Unbounce now puts on its own ShipIt’s days where our team gets together for a day to ideate and ship a project.

Pina Colada Party
Last but not least, a couple weeks ago our marketing team wanted to thank the rest of the company for all the help they give us. We surprised the team on a Friday afternoon with a pina colada party. This is the landing page Yash sent out (with impressive use of our dynamic text replacement feature!)

So there you have it. I’m sure I’ve missed a bunch of great examples, but I hope this was enough to spark your imagination—and show how landing pages can be used for ALL the things. If you have any questions, please drop me a comment and our team will answer asap.


-Sarah McCredie
Business Development @ Unbounce

P.S. Shout out to our new copywriter Angus – without him Space Jam and WWE references and this post wouldn’t have happened :)