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Unbounce at MozCon!

It’s been almost two years since we’ve started focusing on events here at Unbounce. We’ve had a blast coming up with creative ways to engage with our customers and community through conceiving, organizing and sponsoring different events. We set aside a budget every year to sponsor one big conference. This year, we’ve chosen to get involved with MozCon; a huge marketing conference based in Seattle from July 14-16. We picked MozCon because a) we’re good friends with a bunch of the Moz crew and they’re awesome! b) we know they put on an amazing event c) they’re super flexible and fun – letting us get as creative as possible and d) there will be 1,000+ existing or potential Unbounce customers that we can meet in person.

So here is a roundup of all of the fun things we’ve cooked up for MozCon (apologies up front for the abundance of #hashtags):

At the Conference:

Pong at MozCon

We’ll be standing there with some pamphlets and an expensive corporate booth…just kidding! Instead of the traditional booth, we’ve opted for a ping pong table. We’re getting custom paddles made by Uberpong, we’ll be decked out in Unbounce sweatbands and there will be a ton of awesome Unbounce swag you can grab. Think you can beat our resident ping pong champions Oli and Stef? Come give it a shot and you can win some sweet prizes.

#Unbar at MozCon:

UnbarAt the end of day 1, we’ll be hosting one of the after-parties along the MozCrawl. Be prepared for an epic Shuffleboard tournament (yes, really), a polaroid photobooth, an A/B testing bar, custom beer coasters, giant jenga, board games, Cards Against Humanity: MozCon Editon, and cash prizes. You’ll also get to drink beers with one of the most renowned partiers in the landing page biz, Oli Gardner.
[Check out the landing page here]

Did you hear there are spies at #MozCon?

SpyWe’ve partnered with Wistia to orchestrate a huge MozCon social contest. There will be spies at MozCon disguised as your average attendee. Your mission is to hunt them down. @unbounce and @wistia will share clues about these spies leading up to the conference and throughout the Monday night and Tuesday. If you find the spy, tweet out a picture of the red badge they’ll be wearing or a clue about them. That tweet will enter you into the contest to win $1000 towards a flight to ANYWHERE in the world. There will also be a ticket to Unbounce’s CTA Conference and Wistiafest up for grabs.
[Check out the landing page here]

Unbounce team at MozCon:

Last but not least, a group of us will be road tripping from Vancouver down to Seattle: @ryan_engley, @oligardner, @lil_tea, @smgrieser and @sarahailish. We’re SUPER excited to be at MozCon and want to meet as many new people as possible. So give us a shout on twitter, come by the Unbounce space and hang out with us at the #Unbar.

Will you be at MozCon? Anything we’re doing that you have questions about? Let me know in the comments and see you there!


Sarah McCredie
Sponsorship & PR Manager