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The Ultimate Unbounce Guide to Vancouver

Call to Action Conference

So you’re coming to Unbounce’s Call To Action Conference and you not only want to soak up all the knowledge, but you also want to see what the gorgeous city of Vancouver has to offer too? We’ve got you covered! Everyone at Unbounce has their favourite places to eat, drink, see and do. Whether you’re the type who’s looking for adventure, a relaxing patio to drink on or want to take in the sites and sounds, there are many hidden gems in this city. So check out our Ultimate Guide to Vancouver below.

AND if that isn’t enough, on top of all the learning and socializing, we’ve also organized some ‘extracurricular’ conference activities in and around the city on Saturday, September 13th with our team, speakers and other attendees. Check em’ out, sign up and join the fun!

>> Granville Island Boat Ride, Beer Tasting and Walking Tour <<

>> Ziplining in Whistler with Angie Schottmuller and Oli Gardner <<

>> 1 Hour Yoga Session <<

Best Eats |  Get Caffeinated Here  |  Work up a Sweat  |  Drinks  |  Awesome Sights

 Best Eats

garybeerFor the Win:

Guu Garden / 888 Nelson Street

“Frozen beer + delicious food + plant-filled patio = good times.” – Gary Allen, Customer Success Content Specialist

A bit of an urban oasis, Guu Garden (not to be confused with Gyu – make sure to head all the way up the stairs) serves traditional izakaya dishes to a large tree-lined patio. It’s also one of the few places in North America that serves Kirin Ichiban frozen beer.



Worth Every Penny:

Joe Fortes / 777 Thurlow Street

“Must tries are the seafood ceasar (drink) and the chicken and waffles…maybe not together” – Chelsea Scholz, Marketing Project Manager

Joe Fortes is the best restaurant in town if you want to eat like a king and drink like a sailor. A staple in Vancouver for over 29 years, this seafood and chop house will settle every craving from happy hour to brunch.


Love of Local Produce:

The Greedy Pig / 307 Cordova Street

“The best pulled pork sandwiches I’ve had anywhere.” – Derek Lewis, Senior Software Developer

As you may guess the Greedy Pig is most known for it’s pork infused meals (#bacon) from the Greedy Pig salad to the marrow on toast this place is a meat lovers paradise. But don’t let the carnivorous facade fool you, there are also delicious vegetarian meal options and the drink selection is wonderful. Situated in the heart of Gastown this place is not to be missed.



Gyu – Kaku/ 888 Nelson Street

“It’s a Japanese-Korean BBQ restaurant where you grill your own food. A little bit more expensive, but super tasty and a great place to go for a beer and snacks.” – Alex Ozolins, Customer Success Coach

Happy hour is everyday from 11:30am – 6:00pm, enough said. Order a sake cocktail and take a seat, the dining experience is now in your hands. Choose from various styles and cuts of meats, add some veggies, fry them up and enjoy! This is an ideal restaurant if you are looking for an interactive dinning experience and want an engaging atmosphere.


lataqueriaSmall but Mighty:

La Taqueria/ 332 West Hastings

Rumour has it that these are the best tacos in town. Rumour does not lie, these tacos are amazing! The tiny shop is always packed but the wait is not too long with the speedy service. 4 tacos for $9.50 (meat) or 4 for $7.00 (Veggie) allow you try all the different flavours and make it a great place to grab lunch with a friend, to achieve maximum mix and match testing capacity.


Lunch Addiction:

Nuba/ 207 West Hastings Street

“I don’t know who Najib is but his wrap special is the BEST!”

Nuba is a healthy Lebanese restaurant with awesome atmosphere and great staff. Whether you are running in for a quick bite to go or sitting and talking over wine this place has it all. The intimate setting makes it a perfect place for a friend catch up, small party or a hot first date.

Get Caffeinated Here


timbertrainFor the Win:

Timbertrain/ 311 West Cordova Street

“The guys who work at Timbertrain are amazingggg! So friendly, down to earth, and they can make a mean pour-over’ – Sarah McCredie, Sponsorship & PR Manager

It’s a unanimous decision that Timbertrain has stolen our caffeine addicted hearts and was the go to coffee shop at our previous office location. Now that we have moved, there is still a crew of dedicated staff that wander the extra four and half blocks to support this awesome local roaster.


Best Cold Brew:

Revolver/ 325 Cambie Street

“Revolver is the best trendy, hipster coffee shop around ;) – No, but seriously, they do coffee and they do it well. And it’s right by the conference centre! How convenient.” –Stefanie Grieser, Events Strategist

The best thing about Revolver is that you can experience so many different varieties of coffee. They rotate their menu and fill it with some of the tastiest brews from some of the best roasters in North America. The atmosphere is great to camp and get some work done for hours or just as easy to run in for a quick caffeine fix. You will not be disappointed with this lovely cafe and the cold brew coffee is a must try (you get to keep the flask it comes in too).


Work up a Sweat

For the Win:

Lynn Canyon/ 3993 Peters Road, North Vancouver

“It’s awesome because it’s easy to get to, yet you’re in the middle of a rain forest and the mountains.” – Ahmed Abdelhamid, Customer Success Analyst

Easily accessible by bus and only 20 minute drive from downtown Lynn Canyon Park is a breath of fresh air close to the city. From biking to cliff jumping this place has many activities to keep the explorer at heart happy.


Get the Heart Rate Going:

Grouse Grind/ Nancy Greene Way

The Grouse Grind is a true test of endurance, a 2.9km uphill trek with an elevation gain of 853 meters (2,800 feet). The hike takes an average of 1.5hrs to complete. The Grind Timer allows you to track your time going up and then is displayed on a board at the top so you can be motivated to compete with your previous time or the time of your friends.


stanleyFor Every Level:

Stanley Park/ Vancouver BC

Renting a bike to ride around the sea wall in Stanley Park is one of the most enjoyable, relaxing and rewarding ways to see the beauty of Vancouver. Denman Street has many bike rental shops such as Bayshore Rentals (745 Denman Street) or Spokes Bicycle Rental  (1798 Georgia Street West) and a 4 hour rental rate is around $17 which gives you plenty of time to meander around the park and even stop at a beach or two to catch some rays.


The Inner Acrobat:

Tantra Fitness/ 314 Water Street

For a new and exciting way to exercise Tantra Fitness is the place to go. Located in Gastown, this studio offers classes in pole dancing, acrobatics and aerobics. It’s may not be your typical workout, but it’s a sure fire way to shake up your normal fitness routine if you’re looking for a new challenge.


Sword Smiths Unite:

Academie Duello/ 412 West Hastings Street

Remember all those days of play sword fighting as a kid? Well, Academie Duello brings that fantasy to life. From beginner courses in weaponry to advanced courses in Victorian self defence or archery there are many ways to practice all the techniques from the middle ages.


Classy Cocktails:

The Diamond/ 6 Powell Street

Ask about ‘The Elk Room’ which is a secret room only open on the weekend. The bar staff will deny it, but if you can charm the staff, you’ll be given the code to the lock. – Lou Sturm, Customer Success Manager

The Diamond is housed in one of Vancouver’s oldest buildings and during Prohibition it was also the site of a 1920s speakeasy.


Sights & Sips:pixelwhale

Tap & Barrel/ 1 Athletes Way

“I love the pixel whale!” – Gary Allen, Customer Success Content Specialist

Not only does Tap & Barrel have a dizzying assortment of local beers on tap, their menu is locally sourced, and their patio (which, like all outdoor dining spots in Vancouver, closes at 11pm) has a great view over Coal Harbour and the North Shore. Bonus: the view also includes local landmark: the pixel whale. #pixelwhale


All the Beer:

The Alibi Room/ 157 Alexander Street

The Alibi is hands down the best place to drink beer in Vancouver. They have 50 taps with a drink menu split by style, so there’s something for everyone… except people who don’t like beer (but forget those people–ok, they have a handful of cocktails and they’re all top notch too). If you’re overwhelmed, try one of the three daily cask ales they run. Cask or “real” ale is how beer was meant to be served. – Quinn


Food, Drinks and ART:

The Whip/ 209 6th Ave East

Tucked away in quaint Mount Pleasant is a hip place to sip on a Pitcher of Courage and kill time with friends. The Whip also doubles as an art gallery so you can feast your eyes on some paintings or just feast on some calamari. – Chelsea


It Feels So Good to Be Bad:

Campagnolo Upstairs1020 Main Street

“So, you’ve Google mapped your way to Campagnolo on Main Street. Don’t go in though. Instead, open up that strangely marked door on the right, head up the stairs, and enjoy some of Vancouver’s best cocktails. As a bonus, the “Dirty Burger” is the best burger in the city. If the dry aged beef and perfectly melt-y cheese aren’t enough, ask Peter the bartender if it’s one of those special days where you can upgrade to a “Foghorn Leghorn”, where the kitchen slaps a piece of deep fried chicken skin on top to make your meal even more unhealthy (and delicious).” – Quinn Omori, Customer Support Manager

Awesome Sights

To Be or Not to Be:

Bard on the Beach/ 1695 Whyte Avenue, Vanier Park

This year marks the 25th year that Bard on the Beach has been running in Vancouver and it’s still going strong. Shakespeare on the beach, what more could you ask for? During the weekend of the conference performances of, Cymbeline, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Equivocation are running if you want lay low and have a relaxing night of entertainment.


Walking High:bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge/ 3735 Capilano Road

“Always a great experience!” – Ahmed Abdelhamid, Customer Success Analyst

A heavenly place that’s only a 30 min drive but also accessible by transit. After checking out the Cleveland dam, walk along the river and enjoy the tropical-like forest. And of course you can’t miss out on the capilano suspension bridge, sitting 230 feet (70m) above the breathtaking Capilano River below.


Performances Everywhere:

Fringe Festival/ Various Locations in Vancouver

The Fringe Festival has had 30 years of success in Vancouver and the momentum keeps building. Now reaching over 700 performances spanning 11 days (September 4th – 14th) there is plenty of time to catch some of the action. The list is just too extensive to cover so be sure to take a look at the program guide here. Whatever mood you’re in the Fringe Festival offers something for everyone from family friendly shows to musical focused and intellectually challenging performances.


Birds Eye Views:

Top of Vancouver/ 555 West Hastings Street

“Taking in a drink and the view is beautiful!” – Lizzie Hudson, Admin Assistant

At 167 meters (553ft) high the revolving restaurant at the Top of Vancouver has city views that can’t be beat. The food is on the pricy side but if you can catch a glass of wine and the sunset the extra money spent is well worth the experience. The restaurant does a complete rotation every 60 minutes, so be sure to get your full hours worth of Vancouver skyline and mountain range eye candy once you’re up there.

There you have it – our favourite spots in the city!
– Kyrie Melnyck, Event Coordinator

PS – Call To Action Conference is 16 days away so if you haven’t bought your ticket already, jump on it.