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Jam-packed week of Developer Events in Vancouver

This is a pretty exciting week to be a software developer in Vancouver: meet-ups and conferences are blooming! It is a great time for stuffing your brain and learn or rediscover the principles of good software design and architecture. Whatever language or platform you’re using, the same constraints apply (like the speed of light!) thus the best practices apply too.

Reactive Extensions

As an appetizer for this week of software madness, we’ve started by a talk about Reactive Extensions. Tavis Rudd and myself presented React.js and in order to increase the awareness of Reactive Extensions, and how, besides allowing you to use the M-bomb (yes, the “monad”), they can improve drastically the way you deal with events in a concurrent, non-blocking and scalable manner.

Erlang Factory Light

This was followed by the excellent Erlang Factory Light conference, which Unbounce was a proud sponsor of. An Erlang conference is the best place to hear about scalability practices and this one was no exception. Every attendee came home with a TODO list of things to check and improve!

RThe madness continues this week with a joint Polyglot + R meet-up where a pair of talks will increase our knowledge about Apache Spark and NLP of Conversational Data. Big data anyone? If yes, you’ll surely benefit from attending to these talks.

Polyglot ConferenceFinally, we’ll conclude with the Polyglot Conference whose tutorials will run on Friday and unconference on Saturday.

The Unbounce team will be attending these events so feel free to say hi because, you know what, we’re hiring!


-David Dossot
Director of Software Architecture