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Announcing the Call To Action Conference

Call to Action Conference

In case you haven’t heard, we’re planning our first-ever Call To Action Conference on Friday, September 12th and I cannot begin to tell you how excited we are.

Inspired by some truly great conferences out there, like MozCon & Hero Conf, and also uninspired by some conferences that we could do without, we decided that we’d host a conference of our very own; one that will cover how landing pages fit into your marketing arsenal and how conversion optimization can help you improve your marketing experiences. That and we’re excited about the chance to bring people together, share what we’re learning, and create a stronger in-person community.

Since announcing Call To Action Conference (#CTAConf for short), there have been a handful of questions around the finer details. This post will attempt to answer all those questions and then some (if you have more just ask in the comments). We will show you exactly what you are getting out of your ticket, will touch on the topics we aim to cover and ultimately we’ll show you why our conference will be different, and why you should come!

A few things you should know:

    • We are laser-focused on delivering outstanding, actionable content that is also entertaining and unique. It is a one-track schedule and we’ll be mixing up the style of presentations to keep you engaged. We also want you to participate and become an active voice during the day. Our Q&A after every session will be lengthy. We’ll have live landing page critiques where you’ll be able to partake in the fun. You’ll be just as much a part of this conference as the speakers.
    • It’s all about you – the attendee. You’re our No. 1 priority. We won’t try and sell you anything. It’s named the Call To Action Conference, not the Unbounce Conference for a reason. We want you to come here and learn. And we don’t believe in traditional sponsorship, so you won’t see any booths, exhibitor halls or other parties trying to sell you their product or service either. We also won’t have any sponsor produced content. That being said, we will have our entire team there, from Marketing and Customer Success, to Engineering and Operations. We’ll be your gracious hosts so if you want to talk shop, we’ll be more than happy to.
    • Every dollar spent (and more) on CTAConf goes directly back into CTAConf. We aren’t here to turn a profit. We’re doing this to gather passionate & smart people in one room and want to ensure you learn and connect with other rockstar marketers and have the best time. Ever.
    • Many people have been emailing about discounted pricing. Our early bird tickets are going for a slim $299. Other conferences in this category are upward of $400 dollars. Just take a look at Savvy Panda’s 2014 Marketing Conference Guide and you’ll see what I mean. Just make sure you get your tickets before the early bird deadline, which is Friday, June 13th, before they reset to the regular price of $499.
    • This will be a small, intimate conference where the max attendance is 330. This means you’ll get more time to talk to speakers, get to know other conference attendees and meet the Unbounce crew. Just read Darren Barefoot’s recent post, Size Matters: Why You Should Never Attend a Giant Conference Again and you’ll be convinced.

What is the Call To Action Conference going to be about?

A lot of you have been asking questions about the schedule & topics. And don’t worry – a more detailed agenda will come out soon, but in the meantime here’s what you can expect to learn:

The conference will focus on how to use landing pages and conversion rate optimization to create better marketing experiences, both for you and your potential customers. And it will dive deep into actionable tactics that surround this theme.

Landing pages aren’t meant to replace any other forms of marketing, but rather add to them. So while this conference will feature ideas about landing pages and ultimately how to increase your conversions, it will also touch on all the other aspects of your marketing that touch landing pages: ppc, email, copywriting and more. This conference will allow you to make the most of every aspect and channel of your digital marketing.

Call To Action Conference

Who will be there?

Our community of marketers fall on a broad spectrum of size from small startups, freelancers and web agencies to marketing teams and large international enterprises, and they all share a common thread: a desire to create awesome campaigns that deliver a targeted, relevant online experience to their visitors. It is therefore our goal as hosts & organizers of CTAConf to deliver actionable content that will improve your marketing campaigns, make them even more awesome, even more targeted and even more relevant to your visitors.

Let’s Talk Dollars & Cents

Let's talk about money

For The Love Of ROI.

Enough of the fluff. Let’s get down to numbers. Conferences can be expensive when you add up your ticket, travel, hotel, meals, and all those miscellaneous costs. So it’s important that you can justify a positive ROI when it comes to your budget.

The hard costs of coming to CTAConf:

      • Early Bird Rate: $299 (ticket) + $18.93 (Eventbrite fee)
      • Estimated airfare: $500
      • Discounted Hotel Rates: two nights at $219
      • Total: $1,036.93

Oh – and did we mention these prices are in Canadian dollars? I hear the exchange rate from the USD to CDN is pretty good these days.

Live in Vancouver? Even better – your total comes to $317.93

Now that you know the approximate hard cost. Let’s get into what CTAConf registration covers & what you’ll get out of attending the conference:

      • Invaluable learning & takeaways from thought-leaders, experts & other conference attendees
      • The opportunity to meet new people, make friends and connect with other passionate & smart marketers
      • Delicious food: breakfast, hot lunches, coffee & snacks. #nomnomnom
      • Creative, useful and quality swag – nothing too promotional. We’ve done Instagram Marshmallows, beer cozies & the oh-so-comfy Unbounce tees (cotton over-sized pyjama tees? Not here). Whatever we cook up (there will be surprises), we’ll make sure it’s fun, creative & useful!
      • Slide decks and a video bundle so you can watch any session again and again.
      • A killer Friday night after-party with games, prizes and more!
      • Optional extracurricular activities with team Unbounce on Saturday. Think yoga, hiking & more!
      • The opportunity to chat with our team! We’ll have a hang-out lounge & smart bar where you can talk shop about product, marketing, customer success, operations, anything!

Let’s do it right

There are a lot of articles out there that talk about how many conferences out there get it wrong. Andrew Kessler wrote a blog post on the Unbounce Blog about Event Marketing that resonated deeply with me.

When it comes down to it, event marketing is a component of content marketing. Your content is the backbone of your event, which is why we’re dedicated to amazing speakers & content. If you identify with and learn from the content that Unbounce produces – whether it be through their webinars, ebooks or blog posts, then you’ll enjoy & really get something out of CTAConf.

We’re busting our asses (and will continue to do so) to make sure Call To Action Conf is going to be a fantastic event and we would love to meet you there! So make your way over to the CTAConf site and register before all the spots fill up!

See you there!
Stefanie Grieser
Events Strategist @ Unbounce