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17 Awesome Landing Pages, 17 Call To Action Conference Winners





Three weeks ago, Cardinal Path, Wistia, Moz, and Uberflip joined forces to send 14 hardworking, enthusiastic and hopeful marketers to Unbounce’s Call To Action Conference on Friday, September 12th. The catch? They had to create and publish a landing page (in Unbounce) and tell us why they wanted to come and then tell Wistia, Moz, Cardinal Path and Uberflip how much they love them.

We had a lot of submissions and decided that we would sponsor 3 tickets ourselves. So below you will find the 17 witty, purposeful and just plain old awesome landing pages made by 17 passionate individuals who are dying to come to CTAConf. Congratulations!

1. Bethany L. Bauer

Bethany L Bauer Call To Action Conference

“My love of digital marketing, eye for creativity and unquenchable thirst for learning makes me a beacon of inspiration. Help me continue to inspire others by sending me to the CTA Conference!” – Bethany

2. Jen Salamandick

Jen Salamandick Call To Action Conference

Dearest Moz,

Can you please send me to Call To Action Conference? I think this landing page is pretty neat, but I’m not sure our clients would be super satisfied with the template I created…

Many thousand thanks,


3. Alex Tang

Alex Tang Call To Action Conference

“I take pride in working for a local Vancouver tech company and I’m thrilled to be a part of a two-person marketing team that helps drive sales of over one million industrial battery chargers to the world’s largest electric-drive vehicle manufacturers. I’m responsible for helping with marketing communications, PR, tradeshow marketing, and social media. I want to be able to create robust and effective landing pages and I hope to learn tons from the CTA Conference!” – Alex

4. Charlene Mcmurtrie

harlene Mcmurtrie Call To Action Conference

“I find CTAs fascinating. Optimization… persuasion… conversion – anything with a “ion” at the end and I’m hooked.” –Charlene

5. Tim Halloran

Tim Halloran Call To Action Conference

“I’ve followed and learned a lot from Oli Gardner, through some interviews he’s done with other UX-driven companies. When I saw he was going to be there, that made me want to go and meet him.” –Tim

6. My Best Helper

My Best Helper Call To Action Conference

“The biggest different to our sign ups have been the landing pages we created with Unbounce. #truestory #askusaboutit” – My Best Helper

7. Calvin Pearce

Calvin Pearce Call To Action Conference

“Over the last two years I’ve moved my business to having a heavy online presence. Making use of social marketing and online interaction. The CTA Conference is the next big step. Taking in as much as I can about landing pages and marketing will help me propel my business further!” – Calvin

8. Stef Miller

Stef Miller Call To Action Conference

“Pile on the fun: I’m gonna meet so many cool people, and Vancouver is awesome!” – Stef

9. Karina Kama Bingham

Karina Kama Bingham Call To Action Conference

“After CTA, Karina Will Become The Next Great Marketer. A Lioness of Epic Proportions.” – John Forsyth, CMO, The Lion Institute

10. Nikki Kriss

Nikki Kriss Call To Action Conference

“My mom works very hard at her marketing job. She’s been able to increase leads at her company by 225% in less than three months.
She’s pretty amazing!” -Willow the Pug (Nikki’s Dog)

11. Clarence Chew

Clarence Chew CTAConf

“I really, Really, REALLY want to go to #CTAConf to meet awesome people, learn new techniques, and eventually dominate the world!” –Clarence

12. Tom McLellan

Tom McLellan CTAConf Landing Page

“[I want to go to CTAConf to] increase conversion with fresh ideas for stronger copy, design, [and] engagement and meet experts & founders who use conversion to drive incredible growth on a bootstrapping budget.” – Tom

13. Randolph Greer

RG Greer Call To Action Conference

“I’ll share what I learn with a charity or cause. Your generosity will go even further when you send me to #CTA Conference. I will present what I learn to a non-profit organization to help them get volunteers or gain donations.” -Randolph

14. Robin Campbell

Robin Campbell Call To Action Conference

“Mediocre marketing is a plauge holding innocent people back from taking action. Send Robin to #CTAConf and an army of saavy marketers will emerge to fight this horror.” – Robin

15. Ace

Ace Call To Action Conference

“You’ll buy us beer? Done & done.” -Stef

16. Dylan Chernick

Dylan Chernick Call To Action Conference

“Shank or T-Bone? Need to A/B test to find the right meat.” – Dylan

17. Whitney Donaldson

Whitney Donaldson Call To Action Conference

“I’m an eager beaver ready imrpove my skills in PPC, copywrite and all things digital marketing. And if it wasn’t obvious…my landing pages need improvement.” – Whitney

Thanks to everyone who participated. I’ll be in touch with each winner individually. And congratulations again to our 17 winners. We can’t wait to see you in two weeks!

Stefanie Grieser
Events Strategist