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Last Month in Customer Success: 81 Support NPS, 4-hr Reply Time, 2,244 Tickets Solved

Movember? No, Mo-arch.


About this postEvery month, our Customer Success Team reports on team happenings, support stats, feature requests and customer feedback. The goal is to help our team understand our customers’ pain-points and successes. Ultimately, this post is about giving our customers a voice inside Unbounce. We share these posts so other companies can see how we do things, maybe steal what works, and (hopefully!) tell us what they do better.

What’s New?

  • Welcome Joel and Amy!
  • Unbounce Ship It Day
  • External Conversion Tracking Assistant for Chrome

Numbers and Shout-outs:


Welcome Joel and Amy!

In March we welcomed one new Support coach in each of our Montreal and Vancouver offices.

Joel’s a recent Montreal transplant who comes to us from Leavitt Machinery, where he worked in both marketing and customer success roles. He brings that expertise and further cements Montreal HQ as the more musical Unbounce office–check out his band.

Amy joins our Vancouver office, bringing a wealth of customer success experience (via her last gig at RSA Canada) and writing/editing skills (she was a writer and editor at Alive Magazine). Get in touch with us via Support to see the former first hand or check out some of the latter via her personal blog.

Both Amy and Joel join our Service Support Team, where they’ll be delighting customers who inquire about everything from billing to technical workarounds and everything in between.

Unbounce Ship-it Day

In March, we hosted our third company-wide Ship-It Day. James will probably give a wider company round up (like he did last time around), but I wanted to highlight some of the stuff that CS worked on.

Community man, Justin, teamed up with members of our Marketing and Events team to help create an internal dashboard to get the word out about events and happenings around the office and aggregate photos from social media using #unbouncing.

Johnny, our fearless Technical Team leader, started work on a dashboard to measure the social reach of various Unbounce tweets and tags.

Academy Lead and all around master of communication, Gary, started work on an “Un-niversary” email that we can send out to thank customers each year.

And, Dustin, who’s been one of the leaders making sure the office culture in Montreal is just as awesome as it is over here in Vancouver, took some time to create a few Montreal HQ specific emoticons for HipChat (which is essential to our inter-office communication), because both teams should be able to fully express themselves via 12px x 12px images, right?

The Unbounce External Conversion Assistant for Chrome

If you’re embedding a 3rd party form on your Unbounce page, chances are that you’re also taking advantage of our External Conversion Tracking to make sure those form fills still count as conversions in Unbounce. Well, thanks to Johnny, now you have a new tool to help check to make sure it’s installed and working properly. Head over to the Chrome store to grab and install the brand new Unbounce External Conversion Assistant. And a big congrats to Johnny for shipping his first item to the Chrome Store!

Who’s Looking for Help?



What do Customers Need Help With?

Billing Issues 18%

  • -1% compared to February

Page Builder Issues 23%

  • -2% compared to February

Custom Domain Issues 11%

  • +1% change compared to February

Feature Requests

Most Requested Features

  • SSL (closed beta in progress)
  • Marketo Integration (released!)
  • Improved Forms (under consideration)
  • Improved Reporting (gathering requirements)

Customer Feedback

I haven’t started using Unbounce yet, but based on Alex’s prompt and helpful response, I will be signing up today!

Meghan is the absolute best! She’s patiently guided me (a beginner’s beginner) through the creation of a multi-step form and more! Getting the personal videos showing me how to solve issues on my site was ridiculously cool (and enormously helpful, duh). We’ll be launching marketing this weekend thanks to Meghan.



Questions or comments? Don’t be shy and post all your thoughts below, we’d love to hear and learn from you!

Quinn Omori
Unbounce Customer Support Manager