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Last Month in Customer Success: 87 Support NPS, 4-hr Reply Time, 2,364 Tickets Solved

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About this postEvery month, our Customer Success Team reports on team happenings, support stats, feature requests and customer feedback. The goal is to help our team understand our customers’ pain-points and successes. Ultimately, this post is about giving our customers a voice inside Unbounce. We share these posts so other companies can see how we do things, maybe steal what works, and (hopefully!) tell us what they do better.

What’s New?

  • SSL and Launching New Features

Numbers and Shout-outs:

Preparing for Launch

In addition to all of the crucial work from Dev, UX, Marketing, and Product, there’s a lot for CS to do before a major feature launches. I feel like I say this about a lot of things, but in the past, we flew by the seats of our pants a bit when it came to prepping for feature releases. The Education team (formerly the Academy team, formerly the Content team, formerly known as just Gary) has always had to plan our communication with customers and make sure documentation is ready, but we didn’t have a set method for how the Education team received necessary info from Product. Similarly, it’s vital that Support is familiar with not just how to use the feature, but how to support it, troubleshoot potential issues, and identify any known bugs and we didn’t have a structured way of channeling that information either.

As with many things when the team was small, an ad hoc approach to communication and planning, still worked. Gary could easily go straight to Product to get whatever he needed and Support was small enough that it was easy to have visibility into everything a feature entailed. As we’ve grown as a team, that’s changed. The Education team isn’t just one person and Support’s doubled in size, while both teams are split across two offices. Planning can’t just be in one person’s head on the Education side and making sure every single Support coach was equipped with everything they needed started to require a lot more coordination.

We’ve gone from anyone in CS asking whoever they needed in Product/Dev/UX to having point people for each team: each feature has a CS point person for documentation, communication, and for technical support. We also now have Laura (who’s also the Service Support Team Lead) in a trainer role working with the Product Manager and CS tech support point to ensure the entire CS team is ready to support any new feature. Most importantly, each new feature now comes with a communication brief, so in addition to anyone knowing what they need to know, we have some visibility into what everyone else does.

We knew having all of that in place would help, but we didn’t realize just how much it would until we ran into issues when launching SSL. Behind the scenes, there was still a little chaos (and some lessons learned), but having a much stronger structure in place, helped us mitigate how a series of problems negatively affected users. The result was that, for customers, impact was actually pretty minimal. There were some scattered issues with custom domain messaging in the app, but because we were able to adjust our communication plan on the fly, the perception was that some customers received SSL early and not that some people were getting it late.


Who’s Looking for Help?

What do Customers Need Help With?

Billing Issues 17.3%

  • -2% compared to last month

Page Builder Issues 25.8%

  • +1% compared to last month

Custom Domain Issues 11%

  • -.5% change compared to last month

Feature Requests

Most Requested Features

  • Improved Forms (under consideration)
  • Improved Reporting (gathering requirements)
  • Existing Feature Request Improvement (improving the mobile layout process is the largest segment in this group)
  • Improved Spam Filtering (under consideration)

Customer Feedback

Alex is a great support resource. Solved the problem and gave clear information on what to do/avoid/check in the future.

I don’t know what to say, I am running out of nice things to say. I think I used all the nice vocabulary in the English dictionary sending feedback about Unbounce staff and customer service. Maybe now I can start with the Arabic dictionary. No really thank you for hiring only professionals, and now I’ve added Amy Wood to my list of great people @ Unbounce.

Questions or comments? Don’t be shy and post all your thoughts below, we’d love to hear and learn from you!

Quinn Omori
Unbounce Customer Support Manager