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Last Month in Customer Success: 95% Customer Satisfaction, 5h Reply Time, 1,509 Tickets Solved


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About this postEvery month, our Customer Success Team reports on team happenings, support stats, feature requests and customer feedback. The goal is to help our team understand our customers’ pain-points and successes. Ultimately, this post is about giving our customers a voice inside Unbounce. 

We share these posts so other companies can see how we do things, maybe steal what works, and (hopefully!) tell us what they do better.

February Highlights

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 4.06.33 PM

Thank you Johnny :)

Some of our customers have been using the Google Universal Analytics beta and the new event tracking wasn’t working with Unbounce as smooth as we wanted it to. Our Technical CS Coach, Johnny, dug in and tweaked the tracking script with some Java magic. Now Universal Events Tracking and Unbounce play well together. Johnny shared the details over here.

Awesome job Mark!

In addition to his perfect impression of Kevin Spacey in the Oscars Selfie remake, Mark has been updating some of our JavaScript workarounds that enable our customers to do some tricks in Unbounce… and he’s only been here for a month!

Themeforest Templates are here!

One of our top feedback requests has been more templates in Unbounce. Well, good news! Thanks to our developers and our awesome marketing team, Themeforest now has an Unbounce category. This means designers can build beautiful templates that our customer’s can use for their campaigns. We decided to setup a different account sign-up and onboarding process for designers participating in our EMW competition so they’d be better equipped to start designing templates. A combination of an Unbounce landing page, Zendesk and Intercom tweaks made the new setup possible. This process started with a designer signing up for a free Unbounce account through a multi-step form, which would automatically create a new ticket in Zendesk (hint: email notifications) and then one of our CS Coaches would manually update their accounts and tag them in Intercom for a different onboarding email series. Kudos to Alex and Mitchelle for handling the majority of the 339 tickets generated by this new setup for designers.

Checkout the top 4 templates by sales in Themeforst:

4th highest selling template 3rd highest selling template highest selling template 2nd highest selling template


The Support Desk


We tag every support ticket with the ticket subject, and the requester’s subscription plan/length. This gives better visibility into issue trends and helps us see what needs improving in our product, and our communications.

Who’s Looking for Help?

Solved Tickets by Plan Solved Tickets by Subscription Length

The increase in tickets created by free accounts that have been with us for less than a week is coming from the automation process we had set up for designers. We categorized these tickets as “Marketing Related Tickets” and you can see the effect on the ticket breakdown reporting below.

What do Customers Need Help With?

MNL Ticket Type Distribution

Marketing Related Issues 18%

  • +16% Compared to January

Page Builder Issues 18%

  • +0% Compared to January

Billing Issues 15%

  • -5 % Compared to January

Feature Requests


We used to track feature requests by making the ticket subject “Feature Request”. We don’t do that anymore.

Now that we’ve set up a better way to tag tickets with feature requests, we’re able to better quantify the support feedback:

Tickets With Feature Interest

We still need to manually go through the tickets tagged “feature_request_other” to find out what they’re about but it’s a much speedier process than before.

Most Requested Features

  1. Responsive pages (more on this here)
  2. SSL
  3. Better spam protection
  4. Shared content between pages

New Feature Requests Gaining Traction

  1. More flexible traffic/conversion stats
  2. LinkedIn social widget

We like to make our customers’ lives easier while they’re waiting for the new features our Devs are building, so we put together a quick support article on adding LinkedIn widgets to your Unbounce page.

Customer Feedback


We Collect NPS twice, after 1 month from signup for all customers and after 6 months from signup for paying customers

Here is a 90 day rolling average of our 6 months NPS survey results:


The trend of the 6 month survey is much more consistent than the 1 month survey we posted last time. We know that customers who have been with us for more than 4 months are more likely to have a longer lifetime. When customers reach a “Continued use” stage with our platform, their feedback is more about feature development and how they’d like to do things in Unbounce and less about their learning experience with the application. The learning experience of a customer varies a lot from one to the other and the 1 Month NPS Survey reflects just that. Both surveys serve different purposes but both are equally important.

Some feel good customer feedback

Finally here’s some love we received from customers over February:

“I am very happy with the prompt and helpful customer service that unbounces provides. I will recommend this service to anyone I discuss landing pages with.”


“This was honestly the best customer support I’ve ever received, thanks Mitchelle!”


“I would recommend this to anyone.. except my competitors.. it’s better they don’t know about Unbounce.”


Questions or comments? Don’t be shy and post all your thoughts below, we’d love to hear and learn from you!


Ahmed Radwan
Customer Success Coach, Unbounce