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[Time-lapse] Unbounce Chalk Murals

Last Friday during our Open House, more than a few people were asking about our chalk mural. It’s pretty cool but is an often overlooked feature of our office. Realizing that about half of our quickly-growing team probably haven’t seen these videos, I thought it’d be nice to unearth them for your viewing pleasure.

In April 2012, Carter, Oli and Denis got together to craft our very first office chalk mural. The design represented our focus on Agency features and main product goals at the time.

And if that wasn’t sweet enough, Denis decided to regroup a year later and design chalk wall 2.0 with our new product targets.

What’s on deck for our next masterpiece? Well, we still have a lot of work to do on those finely chalked features so there’s no plan for a new one just yet, but I’ll be sure to post our next video here when it happens.

Happy Friday!


Sarah McCredie
PR & Sponsorship Manager