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Unbounce is Expanding to Montreal!

If you haven’t heard already, the rumours are true. In March, Unbounce will be establishing a presence on the East Coast of Canada, in Montreal. We are making our first big leap into uncharted territory, expansion into another city. We’ll start there with part of our growing Marketing team, and have immediate plans to establish a Customer Success team presence there as well. Since making the decision though, I’ve been Read More...

Welcome Inside Unbounce

I was walking down the street several months back and ran into a local tech investor that I’m acquainted with. After a brief chit chat, he asked: ‘What happened to you guys? You were doing so well last year but now I hear nothing about you.’ I was surprised, I mean, while we can always find ways to do better, Unbounce was killing it. We were hitting and surpassing targets, getting Read More...