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On growth, accountability, and capacity planning

There’s lots going on here at Unbounce as we grow. This month we welcome seven new Unbouncers, bringing our total head count to 135, and I’m sure Sascha and Charm are sweating just a little bit as they look at our head count projections for this year, and try to handicap when to bring on additional space. The other thing that happened this week is that we somewhat narrowly avoided Read More...

Team Unbounce at CTA Conf 2015

Unbounce’s 2015 Year in Review

Hello everyone, Happy to finally present the Unbounce annual year in review for 2015. A little late but better than never. I would say that 2015 was a real transformative year for us. We had some wins, some losses, many firsts, and lots of learning. It’s the year we started to have trouble remembering everyone’s names, when diversity at Unbounce became a discussion, when we started thinking more long term, Read More...

iPhone iOS 9 Redirect Caching Bug?

Recently, while I was investigating reports from a customer of 404 errors from our site, I found what I believe is an iOS 9.0 – 9.0.2 bug that I haven’t seen any reports of elsewhere.  Given this, I thought I’d share a bit of a write-up about what I found.

Publishing assets: Sequential vs Parallel

A few days ago, we quietly deployed a change that nearly doubled publishing speed for the vast majority of Unbounce pages. Our publishing process involves two main steps: Render the page, and publish it to S3 Find all the assets referenced by the page, and publish them to S3 (where they are served by Cloudfront) The second step can only be done after the first step is done, because it Read More...

What The Page Builder Team Learned From Our First Fire Drill

We’ve started running “product fire drills” at Unbounce to help us react better as a team when things go wrong (as they do from time to time when you build products). On July 7th, we held our first such drill and, thought it would be a great idea to share our experience and learning points. First, I’d like to go over how we planned to set this up. After each sprint Read More...

Unbounce Acquires Rooster Engagement Tools

The first half of 2015 has proven to be pretty exciting here at Unbounce. …. With the expansion of our leadership team, the launch of the Conversion Road Trip Series and the return of the Call To Action Conference, it’s pretty much been non-stop action. But today, we’re thrilled to announce our most exciting news yet: Unbounce has acquired its first company, Rooster Engagement Tools. Our mission is to empower Read More...

Our curvy road to Clojure

The Clojure language is spreading like wildfire at Unbounce. We just had three people attending Clojure West and being indoctrinated with the latest and greatest news about this language and its ecosystem. So we’re very serious about it! But this commitment didn’t happen overnight: it took us a while and some experiments (at times painful) to come to the conclusion that Clojure was the right tool for us.

Breakable Monoliths and the Law of Demeter

Keyboards are on fire: you’re cranking code for your new and awesome technology start-up. Nothing can stop you, not even this arbitrary limitation of 24 hours per day: your MVP is coming hot and heavy. You know exactly what you want to build, you even have your toolbox of choice handy, but there’s still a nagging doubt: should you build your MVP as a monolith or a set of distributed Read More...

Look ma, no internets! Yopa!

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve heard about our ongoing efforts to break our monolithic Rails application into smaller, more manageable pieces. You’ve also heard about our efforts around a better usage of the messaging features of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. These efforts are obviously linked: evolving towards an event-driven message-passing share-nothing architecture is our goal and we’re hard at work to make it happen. Why Read More...