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On growth, accountability, and capacity planning

There’s lots going on here at Unbounce as we grow. This month we welcome seven new Unbouncers, bringing our total head count to 135, and I’m sure Sascha and Charm are sweating just a little bit as they look at our head count projections for this year, and try to handicap when to bring on additional space. The other thing that happened this week is that we somewhat narrowly avoided Read More...

Team Unbounce at CTA Conf 2015

Unbounce’s 2015 Year in Review

Hello everyone, Happy to finally present the Unbounce annual year in review for 2015. A little late but better than never. I would say that 2015 was a real transformative year for us. We had some wins, some losses, many firsts, and lots of learning. It’s the year we started to have trouble remembering everyone’s names, when diversity at Unbounce became a discussion, when we started thinking more long term, Read More...

More Templates and Background Image Properties

Traditionally (as in the first few years of Unbounce), template development was quite the arduous process where our Creative Director and Design Director would get together and plan out every detail of the page. Layout, color scheme, and copy would be selected to suit Oli’s Conversion Centered Design principles and over a couple weeks of brainstorming and iteration, the makings of a landing page would be scrawled out on a Read More...

Why we Built Script Manager (and why it’s so handy)

The dishwasher, as I’m sure some of you will agree, is one of man’s greatest inventions (yes, I hate doing dishes that much). With the simple press of a button, I can wash all my stuff in one go and I don’t have to spend a ton of time cleaning items one by one. Now I’m sure you’re wondering, “Paul, how does this relate to Script Manager? Where are you Read More...