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Team Unbounce at CTA Conf 2015

Unbounce’s 2015 Year in Review

Hello everyone, Happy to finally present the Unbounce annual year in review for 2015. A little late but better than never. I would say that 2015 was a real transformative year for us. We had some wins, some losses, many firsts, and lots of learning. It’s the year we started to have trouble remembering everyone’s names, when diversity at Unbounce became a discussion, when we started thinking more long term, Read More...

What The Page Builder Team Learned From Our First Fire Drill

We’ve started running “product fire drills” at Unbounce to help us react better as a team when things go wrong (as they do from time to time when you build products). On July 7th, we held our first such drill and, thought it would be a great idea to share our experience and learning points. First, I’d like to go over how we planned to set this up. After each sprint Read More...

Improving Your Startup’s Approach to Creative Project Management

If you work with a team of visual designers to get all of your creative assets looking top notch, you know that design (and creative project management) can be a bit of a doozy. Whether you have one amazing graphic designer or a team of talented folks, it’s tricky to prioritize tasks when every group in the company believes their project is the most important. And, let’s face it, startups Read More...

Bridging the Gap between Customers and Developers

A lot of people have asked me to put pen to paper and illuminate how we keep the communication flow between our developers and the intrepid Customer Success (CS) team vibrant and healthy. When the team was smaller the flow was easy, if there was a problem that needed a developer you’d either shout across the room, or assign it in Zendesk (the support ticket tracking service we use) and the developer Read More...