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Welcome Inside Unbounce

I was walking down the street several months back and ran into a local tech investor that I’m acquainted with.

After a brief chit chat, he asked:

‘What happened to you guys? You were doing so well last year but now I hear nothing about you.’

I was surprised, I mean, while we can always find ways to do better, Unbounce was killing it. We were hitting and surpassing targets, getting lots of industry press, launching good partnerships and hired some great people.

I tried to explain but I knew he wasn’t convinced. In his mind, somewhere we took a wrong turn and had lost our way.

I left the encounter a little frustrated. I mean, he’s got his ear to the ground on everything happening in town. How does he not know what we’ve been doing?

Then it hit me, “We haven’t told anyone.”

And he’s not the only one. I regularly run into people around town (developers/marketers who you would think would have Unbounce on their radar) who either a) have no idea who we are or b) heard of Unbounce but didn’t realize we were based in Vancouver, Canada.

I thought to myself ‘How will we recruit the local talent if they don’t even know we are here?’

Fact is, we’ve had our heads down growing our business.

In 2013 we doubled revenue and doubled our brain count which now sits at 40. Our plan is to double these again in 2014.

While our teams have done an awesome job marketing Unbounce ‘the product’ and building a strong marketing brand, we haven’t done much to promote Unbounce ‘the company’, and we’ll need to do more than list our perks on a recruiting page if we are going to attract the talent we need to grow.

So, inspired by our friend Rand Fishkin and his very transparent blog and more recently what the amazing people at Buffer are doing with their blog, we decided to reinvent our company blog to be a staff-written un-curated window into our journey and the lessons learned along the way. Our hope is that if we can inform and inspire other entrepreneurs, people might pay attention, share and talk about it.

I think we are building something pretty special at Unbounce.

I don’t know exactly how this blog will evolve but everyone has been given the green light to be transparent about the stuff that they are passionate about.

You’ll probably read about big wins and big fails.

We plan on writing about targets hit and targets missed. Uptime and downtime. We’ll share goals, sprints, accolades, code, hires, press, & bad press, lunch & learns, feature releases, birthdays, the list goes on.

In fact, I can’t think of too many things that might be of interest to people outside the company that we won’t share here.

So, click on the subscribe button at the upper right of this page to join us on our journey. In the coming weeks if we fail to excite or inspire you, call us on it. But if you like what you read, please share.

Lets get started.

— Rick Perreault

  • Wade Foster

    Love this, Rick! Getting the inside scope on my favorite companies is always a treat. :-)

    • Rick Perreault

      Awesome Wade, I hope we don’t disappoint.

  • LeoWid

    Rick, this is really amazing, I love the personal tone of the intro and story and I’m really excited about more things to come her on Inside!

    • Rick Perreault

      Thanks Leo. I’m really excited about it was well but I need to learn to write faster :)

      • LeoWid

        Hehe, totally agreed. At the start of the Open blog, we were in a similar situation (“How are we going to fit that in?”), then we changed our strategy quite a bit:

        We switched to simply making what is already worked on and produced internally (reports, emails sent to the team, stats.) and make them public – that way, there is no extra work and we can just take what’s already there and just put it on the Open blog. I’m not sure if that’s at all useful for you guys, just wanted to mention it, in case it can remove some of the burden feeling.

        • Rick Perreault

          Good tip, thank you!

  • Andrew

    Really looking forward to getting a peak behind the curtains. If I can make a couple suggestions – talk about the roadmap (a lot). Lots of us have been users for years and are constantly frustrated by features suggested in the support forums that never seem to come to fruition, even after UB staff acknowledge they are “in progress.” I’m excited about some of the new, promised functionality and would gladly accept the new features one at a time with more frequent releases.

    I love what you have built and hope it continues to grow. Cheers to many more good years!

    • Carter Gilchrist

      Hey Andrew — that’s the plan! You’ve been a big contributor in our other forums and I know it can be really frustrating to not understand why we aren’t moving faster on some features. The truth is that we’re often just as frustrated internally as a lot of our customers, and this blog is the perfect opportunity to talk about why (and hopefully get some insight about how others have overcome our same problems.)

      I’ll be opening up our roadmap so that it can be scrutinized and discussed in public. We’ll be writing about priorities and how we set them, struggles we have scaling our engineering team, the realities of bugs, technical debt and the impact that has on each release, the dilemmas of building lean MVP experiments and when to sacrifice quality UX for quality learning, prototypes, wireframes and mockups of upcoming features, the list goes on. I’m really looking forward to some hard feedback as these posts come out!

      • Andrew

        That is awesome, Carter. Just what we needed to hear. Looking forward to watching UB grow.

  • tejones

    The guys at Buffer have set a good, and much needed, precedent. They offer great examples of business and personal development. It will be cool to watch another company do the same!

    • insideunbounce

      Thanks! Buffer was a huge inspiration for this blog and we can’t wait to share what happens ‘behind the scenes’ here at Unbounce.

  • mealime

    Way to go Unbounce! This puts the old unblog to shame. Looking forward to reading more articles about the team.

  • Jeffrey Bunn

    The new format looks great! Can’t wait to read more about about what’s going on inside UB.

    • insideunbounce

      Thanks Jeff! Hoping to share the good, bad and the ugly :)

  • Peep Laja

    Awesome Rick, looking forward to your posts!

  • Brett Ede

    Great idea Unbounce. I also like Buffer’s transparent approach.

    Tried to subscribe but it appears you’re missing the blog subscribe form on the mobile site. Just a heads up :)

    Brett @ Picatic

    • insideunbounce

      Thanks Brett! Digging into it now :)

  • David Chevalier

    Congratulations! I signed up and I’m looking forward to reading your posts.

  • Andrew Jones

    Rick, kudos for sharing your growth story with a wider audience. We’re subscribed!

  • Nathan Clark

    Definitely enjoying this trend of transparency from tech companies; props to you and the team at Unbounce!

  • The Silent Seller

    Hey Rick. Thanks for the update. You do have some pretty awesome folks. I followed your instructions to find the subscribe button in the upper right, except that it was a follow along button . Just sayin

    • Rick Perreault

      That’s because someone changed the name of the button after I wrote the post :)

      • Oli Gardner

        That would be me. :-)

        • The Silent Seller

          Did you split test the different calls to action there Oli?

          • Oli Gardner

            Not that one, was more just an update to replace the default “Subscribe” that was there.

  • Helen Holloway

    The staff blog (perhaps that’s why you’ve decided to launch it), is one of the newest trends among recruitment specifically targeting a subculture of candidates for HR. It has proven more successful for quality candidates. Those that were hired and could speak intelligently about the blog, demonstrated more personal investment in the workplace, higher performance levels, and because they had read the blog (and were familiar with company goals long before they were hired), could critically contribute to their team and lead innovative strategies while staying on target with company vision. That’s not to say that those who did not read the company blog were not excellent candidates, but out of that pool of applicants, there were less quality applicants for that specific organization than those who took an interest. That being said, Unbounce just released a culture and ethics oriented way of recruitment for new employees, which beats out psychometrics in the race of candidate profiling! Hooray!

    It appears in the workforce that employees want a transparent company to work for. With this blog, the marketing strategy and sociopolitical strategy behind it will launch a “pack following” behind Unbounce, ultimately making it a sought after company to work for. This will truly liberate the HR team, to be able to choose the best fit for the company, as opposed to having to dodge hurtles of competitive or parade facade applicants. Cheers*

    • insideunbounce

      Helen- thanks so much for your insights! As we plan on doubling this year, we definitely hope this helps with attracting great talent and keeping our own team engaged and accountable.

    • Rick Perreault

      Actually Helen, we don’t have an HR team yet but we are building one, wanna help?

      • Helen Holloway

        I’d be thrilled to join the innovation at Unbounce :) In fact, I submitted my application yesterday where I got to use the Unbounce platform (most fun I have ever had applying for a job!) It was refreshing as an HR professional to have a chance to display personality in my resume!

        • Rick Perreault


  • chexton

    Great to see guys, this sort of thing benefits everyone!

  • Michael Tan

    Hi guys, I stumbled upon Inside Unbounce via a Techvibes article, but I don’t see a way to get here from the main Unbounce site. Deliberate or being worked on?

    • Sarah McCredie

      We just added a link to the bottom of our ‘about’ page on the main site: Thanks for the tip Michael!