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Updated: Unbounce Pricing Plans

Last week I shared with you that updated pricing plans were coming soon and today I’m excited to share with you exactly what’s changed.

…But before I jump into that, I also want to remind all of our existing customers that if you’re happy with your current pricing, you’re welcome to stay on it for at least 2 years.

To demonstrate how the updated pricing compares to our previous model, let’s take a look at the new Essential plan versus the old Pro 99 plan. Each cost $99/month when paid monthly, but the first change you’ll notice is that all updated plans offer an annual discount of 20%, so when paid annually, Essential comes in at $948/year versus $1089/year for Pro99.

Here’s how the plans compare:

Essential (updated plan) Pro 99 (previous plan)
500,000 unique visitors 25,000 unique visitors
Unlimited Domains 1 Domain
Unlimited Users 1 User
75 Published Landing Pages Unlimited Landing Pages
8 Published Convertables 8 Published Convertables
1 Client 2 Clients
Essential Integrations Pro Integrations
Both plan include Dynamic Text Replacement, SSL, A/B Testing, and Custom Email Templates.

To see the complete updated pricing grid, head over to the Pricing Page and for more information, check out the Pricing FAQs.

The changes you see above fall into three main themes that came up again and again in talking to our customers:

1. Clearly understand what you get with your Unbounce subscription compared to how much it costs

In the past, Unbounce plans were based on the amount of visitor traffic to landing pages and Convertables.

We received feedback that it was difficult to anticipate exactly how much traffic you might receive in a month, or a year.

This was a problem for two reasons. Firstly, you don’t always directly control the traffic volume which means you can’t flip your traffic limits on and off in Unbounce when you don’t want any more. And secondly, if your campaign was doing really well, you don’t want to be penalized for it.

As a result, traffic is no longer the key axis of Unbounce’s pricing structure — all plans now include more than enough traffic for most customers. Essential now includes 500,000 monthly unique visitors, as does Premium at $199/month. Enterprise traffic allowances start at 500,000 with more available to match your business needs, just talk to an Unbounce Customer Success Manager to learn more.

Customers told us that they clearly understood which pricing plan made the most sense for them if it was based on the number of published landing pages and Convertables. So not only is it more intuitive, you also have control of publishing or unpublishing those pages and Convertables when you’re reaching your plan’s limits.

In addition, for customers like agencies that are using Client sub-accounts, you don’t need to worry about account add-ons anymore as they’ll also be tied to the plan you choose.

2. Pay once and reduce the number of small charges

Customers that have add-ons know it can be frustrating to see a number of smaller charges on top of their subscription — they’d rather know with certainty how much they’ll be charged each month.

To that end we’ve totally rethought the way we handle account add-ons so users and domains are now unlimited on all updated plans.

3. Create multiple ways for customers to grow with Unbounce, without switching plans

So, now you know that our tiers will be based on the number of published landing pages or Convertables, you might wonder, “what happens if I reach my account’s limits?”
We explored ways that customers could publish additional published landing pages and Convertables while minimizing the smaller charges they experienced in the past and avoiding the need to jump to a different tier.

Enter Page and Convertable Packs!
Within each of the new pricing tiers, you’re now able to add packs of either 50 published landing pages for $50/month or 5 published Convertables for $25 (coming soon).

Wrapping It Up

When updating the pricing plans, we tried to take into account how most marketers work in Unbounce. However, if you’re happy with your current plan, rest assured, you’re welcome to continue on it for at least 2 years. Thank you so much for growing with us and providing valuable insight that helps continuously improve Unbounce.


Carter Gilchrist
Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder

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    Digital DC

    3 months ago

    There does not seem to be any mention of the $49 plan in any of these comparisons? So in effect, the price has doubled, you no longer have unlimited pages. I have shouted about Unbounce everywhere I have worked over the past 6 or so years (I even recommended to Google to get Ollie at their next 2 day financial conference in Dublin), during this time, many other landing page platforms have sprung up, all for less money. At this point, I do not know how many people who were on a $49 or $99 monthly plan, needed half a million page views a month. I feel really disappointed in this move as it does not seem very Unbouncey, but I guess things change. There is little point in keeping to my current cost, keep adding new clients as they come, knowing that the service will increase significantly in cost. Providing feedback, testing betas, suggesting new features etc. to then be charged more when they come in really leaves a bitter taste. I appreciate that things change but a move to push out smaller businesses seems like a very strange move in the current climate :(

    • Reply

      Gary Allen

      3 months ago

      I’m sorry you’re disappointed, Des. We worked really hard to make the updated pricing work for both existing and new customers. We’re hoping that even customers who aren’t ready to move onto the updated pricing today, will see how much value we add to Unbounce in the next 2 years and be excited to switch over.

      I understand that moving away from unlimited pages may seem counterintuitive, but when we dug into the data, a significant majority of existing Unbounce customers fell within the updated tiering.

      With respect to the Starter $49 plan, we found that the marketers that have experienced the most success using Unbounce are the the ones that use the professional-level features (like Dynamic Text Replacement and SSL). By offering those features as standard across the board, we’re able to ensure that we build the features and infrastructure to support them. We’ve removed the Starter plan so that marketers using Unbounce are even more likely to achieve results.

      We understand that changes like this might make you reassess whether Unbounce is the right solution for your needs, but we hope as we continue to provide greater and greater value that the updated pricing structure will make even more sense.

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    Marc Levesque

    3 months ago

    Hey Carter,
    My agency recently started using Unbounce once again under the old Pro plan and I was looking into the idea of switching over to the newer plans (for annual 25% discount). My problem is that you’re now limiting the number of client account I’m able to have. I’m happy to pay $10 for each additional client account but as I understand, that’s no longer possible therefore sticking with my old plan seems to be my only option. To give you an idea, I have a staff of ~10 that would need to manage pages. I suspect that within the next couple months, we’ll easily surpass the 15-20 client mark (each requiring a custom domain) and the overall traffic likely won’t reach 500K/month. What do you recommend? Thanks.
    BTW, it was terribly hard for me to reach someone from support by phone even though you have a MTL office.

    • Reply

      Gary Allen

      3 months ago

      Hi Marc,

      Under the previous pricing structure, monthly charges were broken down for each additional Client Sub-account ($10), Domain ($5), and User ($10) – so adding a new client ended up costing around $25 (more if you wanted to add more than 1 additional User). As part of our effort to set everyone up for success, and reduce small costs that customers found frustrating, Domains and Users are now unlimited for all accounts on updated pricing tiers.

      The updated Premium plan ($159/month on annual billing or $199/month on monthly billing) includes 5 client sub-accounts, with no additional charges to add domains and users.

      If you’re working with more clients than that a Customer Success Manager will be happy to chat about your options at the Enterprise level – I’d be happy to have someone reach out if you’d like.

      Finally, I’m really sorry about the experience you had trying to get ahold of someone on our Support Team. I took a look and your ticket accidentally fell into the wrong queue. Please let me know if you’d like to chat with someone directly and I’ll be happy to arrange a call whenever works for you.

      • Reply

        Marc Levesque

        3 months ago

        Thanks Gary.

        Appreciate the response. Yes, I’d love to speak with someone about the Enterprise option.


        – M

        • Reply

          Gary Allen

          3 months ago

          Sounds good, Marc. My awesome colleague Helen will be reaching out.

        • Reply

          Helen Shaw

          3 months ago

          Hey Marc, Helen here! I’ve just sent you an email, and look forward to chatting on a call real soon.

  • Reply

    Deepak Acharya

    1 month ago

    hi Marc,

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    3 weeks ago


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