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Coming Soon: Updated Pricing

As some of you might know, we haven’t changed our pricing in almost 5 years. That’s over half our lifetime ago!

In that time, Unbounce has evolved significantly, the marketing landscape has moved ahead leaps and bounds, and we’ve learned a ton about where our customers find value in Unbounce. To tackle this, we set out to:

  • Create a more intuitive connection between what we charge for and the value we deliver to our customers
  • Reduce those little charges that aren’t connected directly to value and end up causing frustration
  • Create multiple ways for customers to grow with us, without always having to switch plans

Over the last year, we’ve looked at a ton of data and talked to our customers to come up with the next evolution of our pricing.

We’re excited to share the full details of our new pricing on March 14th, but we wanted to be as transparent as possible throughout this change. To that end, we also wanted to share that:

  • The updated plans will offer even more value (and there may even be some extra special incentives at launch ;D )
  • All current customers will be welcome to continue on their pricing plan for at least two years
  • Customer Support will continue to be available, as always, on all tiers

I’ll be sharing more next week as we announce the full details of our updated pricing.

Thanks for your continued support of Unbounce,


Carter Gilchrist
Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder

  • David Garcia

    Will the current subscribers be grandfathered in?

    • Gary Allen

      Hi David!
      Current customers will be welcome to stay on their existing plans for at least 2 years. (although we think you might see more value on an updated plan – we’re excited to share them next week)

  • Daniel Keebler

    Every business has to do what is best for the business, I respect that. I have to say though, I find this announcement rather foreboding.

    I already feel $99/mo is expensive for Unbounce. I can think of half a dozen online services I get for $99/YEAR.

    And “Adding more value” is only adding more “potential value” since the new features may not be relevant to everyone, yet often price hikes make *everyone* pay the higher price (we’ll see how the pricing model changes soon enough I guess).

    • Gary Allen

      Dan I really appreciate the feedback, and understand your frustration.

      Our goal throughout this change is to balance business needs against providing the best experience for Unbounce customers, and how you’re currently using the platform.

      I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised next week.

  • Craig Edmonds

    I agree with @danielkeebler:disqus

    I am only using unbounce as its price point for me is just about right, if the price increases beyond what I feel is acceptable then I will vote with my feet because there are many other offerings out there.

    I appreciate that I will be “grandfathered” for two years but if I need to upgrade (or downgrade) I would not like to be stuck with the new pricing.

    Look forward to seeing the new pricing model.

    • Gary Allen

      Thanks Craig,

      I totally get where you’re coming from. We’re trying to maintain the best experience for Unbounce customers like you, while being transparent about the changes that are happening.

      I’m excited to share the updated pricing model next week and hear your feedback on it.

  • David Owen

    if the price increases I will move elsewhere. dont want to get trapped with a ton of client pages then get screwed with the price. better to get out early

  • Mike McDermott

    We won’t necessarily move away, that’s an awful rash thing to consider with all these client pages. However, it will discourage small businesses and consumers from participating in Unbounce as it will become a “more premium” service, no longer directly competing with the dozens of lower quality or FREE services out there. I wouldn’t mind something specific to agencies. Now, that said, if the costs are significantly higher, it may mean we have to implement a secondary solution to serve our VSB market (very small business). An increase in Unbounce expense eventually has to be reflected in our customer rates. As for rates, I kinda hate the Unbounce nickel and dime approach where every change is $10 bucks here or there. From user additions, to custom URL’s, to new clients, etc.

  • Dan Kay

    Just saw the new pricing…

    a) this cuts out the month-on month-off customers; Unbounce once a 12-month commitment.

    b) “Essentials” plan is a pretty misleading name for a plan that replaces a monthly contract with an annual $888 contract. Consider that the ones who need the features offered in “Essentials” are the ones who have only 1-5 clients and are just starting out.

    c) right now my most successful campaign is using Facebook Lead Form ads that don’t even need a landing page. As I said in my original comment below, I think Unbounce is way overpriced in the first place. I appreciate the team’s attempt at linking value with price…but I think the price needs to be cut in half.

    Hopefully I’ll have more feedback as I mull it over.